For some dudes, that a BDSM thing; because that others, it’s simply easy cleanup. Either way, they’ve become cumoisseurs.

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We all should make daunting choices in our lives. Such choices are, in fact, the structure blocks of ours integrity and define our character. And also perhaps no an option says an ext about who you space as a human being than if you spit or swallow.

I’m a sloop down girl through and also through, and also have to be my whole life (my consistency on the concern has to be so steadfast the I’m basically the Bernie Sanders of swallowing). I choose to swallow for a few reasons: First, yes sir no to run to the bathroom through chipmunk cheeks full of cum. Yet primarily, that a good flex — a perfect means to present someone that you’re *that bitch* and you don’t miss a drop.

The point is, it’s coming to be less and less that a flex. Since as it turns out, straight men are reportedly tasting your cum, too. 

Men eating Cum Is Hot

I can’t say this is all-the-way surprising. Though when my an initial boyfriend post-high school stated to me the he’d eaten his cum once because he no have everywhere to wipe it, mine mouth went totally agape. Sure, I’d happy gobbled that up, however that was right from the source, no off mine grubby tiny paws. And so, ns couldn’t assist but think he to be a slob and also wonder what else he cleaned up that way.

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My opinion continued to be that means for a an extremely long time. Until, the is, i met Adam and also had mine cum-to-Jesus minute after he told me the licked his cum turn off a girl’s tits — that was fucking hot. Adam’s relocate was more “I don’t give a fuck, ns nasty” 보다 my post-high institution boyfriend’s “I can’t find my old black Flag T-shirt that I usage as a cum rag.” 

I have all these guys emailing me about about tasting their very own cum because that something ns writing and also look in ~ my gmail automatic answer options.I’m fucking shedding it

— Desi (
DesiJed) January 29, 2020

Charlie, a 50-year-old native Colorado, very first ate his very own cum it to prove a small point. “My girlfriend at the time offered me a punch job, she first. I came in her mouth in a an extremely uncool, uncontrolled manner, and also she automatically spit the out, completely grossed out, and told me how awful that was.” A few days later, Charlie decided to check out for self what do his girl gag. “I touch the guideline of mine tongue to it like it was a 9-volt battery, almost expecting it to shock me,” he tells me. “I wasn’t an especially attracted come the taste either, yet she was making it the end to be worse 보다 it really was.”

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Meanwhile, the internet drove Frank, a 36-year-old in brand-new York and also self-described erotic addict, come taste his cum. “Online there are many outlets/communities whereby likeminded addicts encourage one one more to push their borders further, and also cum tasting/self-facials room a favorite amongst them. Ns don’t mental the very first time ns did it, but more often 보다 not, after you actually cum, you chicken out. At part point, though, you go through with that — lick your hand or every little thing — and that’s it,” the explains. “The first time ns didn’t chicken out was because that a woman ns was talk to; i was always willing to go the extra mile as soon as I to be fortunate sufficient to come throughout a mrs in those chats.”

What Is CEI? BDSM and also Cum eat Instructions

Doing it at a woman’s behest is actually a typical theme (what’s that totality thing about chivalry gift dead?). “My girlfriend made that clear the I could only cum on her if i licked it turn off — she kinda freaked the end by sexual fluids,” states Kevin, a 28-year-old in NYC. “So for her birthday, I determined to meet this fantasy and licked it up and also swallowed it. She was pleased. Now that I’ve excellent it, ns can’t say i’m in any type of hurry to do it again. Yet I have the right to see doing the on a special occasion, speak an anniversary or Valentine’s Day.” 

For 26-year-old Conner, though, it was as lot corporal as chivalrous. “I to be messaging this girl i know,” he speak me. “We’d started with flirting, however it escalated right into a BDSM, mistress-servant-type situation. Therefore whenever we interacted in a way that led to me come cum, I’d taste it because that at the very least 10 seconds and describe it to her.” no that he necessarily took pleasure in it: “As goofy as it sounds, it has, like, a absent to it. Not spicy, yet bold, i guess. Powerful. Still, it’s not exactly a flavor ns clamoring to be far better represented in my regional supermarket.”

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Which is, the course, the perfect segue right into taste. I’ve largely been it s okay with everything comes my method (see what i did there?). There to be one fill that ns let pour out the political parties of mine mouth — together if I’d bitten under on a blood capsule — because it tasted prefer sour milk, and also if yes sir one point I won’t swallow, it’s dairy previous its “sell-by” date. Otherwise, it’s largely been largely salty and also a little nondescript — an opinion most of the men I talked to share. “I actually gain pre-cum a lot an ext than cum,” states Frank. “It has a light, salty taste through some sweetness, yet it’s still filthy sufficient to meet your lust.”

Growing to Love the Taste

According to Lionel, a 38-year-old in the U.K., the structure is what stand out many to him. “The taste is type of unflavored,” that explains. “The key characteristic the the endure is the texture, i m sorry is together viscous together gelatin. It feels choose it leaves a little residue at the ago of the throat.”

“The taste was simply awful the very first time. Yet it no so poor the 2nd and third time,” adds Justin, a 33-year-old in California. “In general, the taste is mild, no overly salty and kind of creamy through a glue consistency. It certainly tastes far better than Elmer’s adhesive though.”

A pretty famous pro-tip is drinking a lot of fruit juice, in specific pineapple juice, in order to offer your jizz a sweeter taste. “I’m told the factor mine tastes far better is since I’m a vegetarian,” claims Tom, a 35-year-old in Portland. Tom is a bisexual, for this reason he’s had actually the possibility to taste a selection of cum. As such, ns ask that if he is noticed a difference between his and everyone else’s. “I have a theory that it’s prefer the ice cream cream spices in the Wayside institution books: when you taste your own, it doesn’t taste choose anything due to the fact that it’s every little thing you’re supplied to. But if girlfriend taste someone else’s, it’s a synesthetic experience of their personality or self,” the explains, prior to admitting, “This concept isn’t fully formed.” 

What is totally formed is 38-year-old William’s Yelp-esque evaluation of his own splooge. “The an initial time i tasted it, i was expecting a mix that salty, snotty, slightly metallic and also with just a faint hint of pee,” he speak me. “Afterward, though, i can completely see why people have a tough time explicate the taste. Once I drink a lot of fruit juice or have an ext fruits/veggies in my diet, that does it seems ~ to do me taste sweeter and lighter, maybe offering my taste a solid 7 the end of 10. Celery, however, thickens the texture just a little, i beg your pardon knocks it under to perhaps a 6.5 the end of 10. And also if I’m emotion sick, dehydrated or eat a red-meat-heavy diet, I can see wherein the stories about the saltiness come from, and I’d deduct a allude or two from mine rating.”

The foodie-iest review, though, actually came (again, my apologies) courtesy of Phillip, a 45-year-old in L.A. “It’s choose a creamier version of sea-urchin sushi. If did you do it never had sea-urchin, the close come a combination of oysters and also copper pennies,” the explains. “That said, i don’t treat it like a tasting menu at Nobu.”

Sea-urchin-like or not, Charlie warns against tasting it when you can not use jizzed recently. “If it’s been a while because I’ve cum, it will be very, an extremely salty and slightly globby and also thick. It may likewise be contempt yellowish in color. As soon as that happens, I understand it will be extremely strong tasting, nearly like cheap caviar.”

And that’s a champagne-and-caviar dream also I — the abovementioned Bernie Sanders the swallowing — deserve to live without.