Active-duty servicemember who bought from Harris? You might be licensed has been granted to compensation

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We are investigating allegations the Harris jewelry sells ridiculously overpriced jewelry to active-duty servicemembers using debt-financing on unfavorable terms.

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The new York Attorney general recently filed a lawsuit against Harris Jewelry, alleging the Harris involved in predatory and deceptive sales and lending practices in marketing jewelry to active duty military personnel. The NY Attorney general lawsuit versus Harris comes after a multi-state investigation by attorneys general from 14 states. Yet the lawsuit only asserts cases under new York law, and also may not result in reimbursement for all influenced military servicemembers.

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New York Attorney general Lawsuit Paints photo of Predatory Lending plan Targeted in ~ Active-Duty Servicemembers

The brand-new York AG lawsuit against Harris jewelry alleges, amongst other things, the Harris offered jewelry at man markups, financed by predatory lending, without being licensed together a lender in the state of brand-new York. The complaint alleges the Harris Jewelry’s business-model walk not—in fact—primarily target to offer jewelry. Follow to the NY AG, Harris primarily tries to market itself together a credit-building or credit-repair service:

Harris employees introduce the Harris regime to the servicemember before any type of jewelry is questioned or before the customer expresses an interest in purchasing jewelry from Harris. The credit-enhancing facets of the regimen are touted as a primary benefit of doing service with Harris.

The Harris regimen is marketed come the active duty servicemembers together a means to develop or enhance their credit scores so the they may buy various other things lock want, like nice vehicles. Part servicemembers credibly believe that the Harris regime is the product they space investing in, and that the jewel they ultimately pick the end is just a gift from Harris.


Photo indigenous the NY AG Complaint

In the above photo, for example, from the new York lawyer General’s lawsuit, Harris make the efforts to sector to servicemembers by telling them that a auto will be $12,730 an ext expensive for them if castle have poor credit or no credit.

According come the NY AG suit, Harris targets active-duty servicemembers nearly exclusively. Harris touts itself together being owned by a WWII veteran, and sets increase its shops either in to buy malls near armed forces bases, or on the bases themselves, follow to the suit. Harris’s own website is targeted directly and exclusively at military servicemembers, stating that Harris is “your number one military Jeweler proudly serving every one of our troops’ bridal and also jewelry needs throughout the joined States.”

According come the NY AG lawsuit, Harris’s jewel is also ridiculously overpriced. The complaint offers the adhering to chart, showing the “wholesale cost” to Harris of buying the jewelry, the sleeve price the Harris sells at, and also the quantity of markup on the item.


According to the NY AG, it is not uncommon in the jewelry market to charge dual what the article is precious wholesale. But Harris fees a markup of between 600% to 1,000%, follow to the chart.

The NY AG complaint claims that Harris Jewelry solely provides financing to active-duty military personnel who have actually at the very least 9 months of active-duty business remaining. The NY AG claims that partly, Harris limits itself come active-duty personnel because:

Under the Uniform password of military Justice, servicemembers are compelled to preserve financial solvency together a pre-requisite to countless security clearances and job assignments. Negative credit is thought about a protection risk and also at times have the right to be grounds because that demotion or discharge.

The NY AG additionally says the Harris takes deductions straight from armed forces paychecks. Follow to the complaint, Harris requires army servicemembers to authorize an authorization for a straight deduction of your loan payment from their paychecks.

The NY AG suit claims that Harris advertises an interest rate on its loans of 14.99%, but in reality, once accounting for sales tax and also a “financing fee,” the interest price is end 211%.

According to the complaint, Harris additionally automatically enrolls servicemembers in a “protection plan” because that the jewel that regularly exceeds the worth of the item. Because that example, the mummy Medal the Honor has actually a wholesale price that $77.70, but Harris selling it come servicemembers for $799 and also charges $79.99 because that a “protection plan”—which exceeds the wholesale value of the item.

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Chart indigenous NY AG showing price of Harris’s protection plans

According come the complaint, when servicemembers walk to get wedding ring or jewelry bought for their mothers assessed by a credible jewelry assessor, they often discover that the jewelry is not worth almost everywhere near the price they paid for it. As a result, lock wouldn’t be able to sell the item to pay off the debt.