I’m right now playing AP, and loving it, and also I assumed that it was simply a debugged work again, please again of ToT. But I’ve review on some write-ups here freshly that they’re fully different games with a common cast. Part are also saying the ToT is the premium entry.

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Is the worth play ToT if I’m playing AP? What space the differences in between the two games (mechanically and narratively)?


Some differences:

Time advances faster and advancements indoors in Tree of Tranquility. In animal Parade, it breakthroughs slower and freezes indoors (except in the mines).

Tree that Tranquility has a smaller human being to consist of for this, while animal Parade's civilization is rather big for an HM title.

In Tree that Tranquility, after completing the very first "rainbow," brand-new characters will certainly start getting here twice a season, ~ above the first and the 15th. In pet Parade, new characters room unlocked as you complete bell-related objectives and also aren't locked to extremely particular dates. Generally, they'll either arrive that exact same day or the following day, and also it may depend on you finding whereby they acquire introduced.

(Also, in ToT, Perry is an apprentice at the clinic, and also in AP, he's the minister at the church... Ns think many of the other characters stay the same.)

In AP, you have actually four brand-new marriage candidates, three of who are brand-new to the game, pass the number of marriage candidates to 10 every sex. Also, every 8 that the main bachelors and also bachelorettes have actually rivals (and rival children), conversely, in ToT, there are just 5 rival couples (all of whom have actually rival children). Competitor couples don't really obtain changed, more like they just acquire added (every rival couple from ToT remains the very same in AP).

Elli and also Gray from HM64 appear in ToT as continuous villagers; they can't be married. Gray isn't in AP, yet Elli makes a cameo as the weather girl.

There are an ext friendship occasions in AP.

In ToT, increasing animals' affection takes forever, however raising villagers' affection isn't also difficult. In AP, it's the reverse. Animals gain affection faster, but villagers take it longer.

You can have two youngsters in AP, and only one in ToT.

In AP, her spouse and children can aid with chores, yet I can't recall if this is in ToT.

You deserve to take part-time jobs in ToT come earn some pocket change and obtain a little affection with your co-workers. This is not current in AP.

ToT does have much better dialogue on the whole, most world would agree, though AP's personalities do reaction to occasions (like marriage/birth/storms/festivals) like in ToT.

There are more upgrades in AP to effort for, or in ~ least, that feels like it; it additionally takes much longer to work towards them, because that the many part.

In ToT, you deserve to pick among three plots to build your farm yard on, and also then you can purchase the other plots later on (kinda choose Magical Melody). In AP, your farm yard is constantly in the very same spot, but you can purchase extr plots the land later on on, and also you can also purchase "vacation homes" around the area, which basically duty as additional save points.

Also in AP, before you deserve to purchase extra land, you need to make secondary 5,000G payment top top your house to town hall. There's no time border on this.

AP has an ext outfit customization than ToT, consisting of hats and eyewear.

In AP, as soon as you mine, ores and also wonderfuls should be polished by Mira and you don't really recognize what you'll get. There are details chances of acquiring various gemstones, scrap metal, usable metal, or glass... But you won't recognize till you take them come Mira come be refined (and it costs money). In ToT, you have the right to tell i m sorry ores and also wonderfuls will refine to which items due to the fact that they'll have sparkles on castle (with the number of sparkles representing what they revolve into).

Your rucksack! In ToT, rearranging things is a pain in the ass. I don't recall that you have the right to go in there and also do the manually... And also you have actually much less room to job-related with even after rucksack upgrades. Ns don't recall if every items stack and also how much. In AP, you can rearrange the items in her rucksack manually, items execute stack (up come 99), and you have an ext room to work with eventually.

There's more, but those room off the optimal of my head.

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I personally think AP is the far better game mechanically yet ToT has actually the much better dialogue... I prefer AP overall, though, due to the fact that I love the Castanet setup and the consists of the Witch and Wizard, even if Gray and Elli aren't there. But both are an excellent games and I would certainly say it's worth playing both eventually. It might be easier to begin with ToT and also go come AP 보다 the other method around.