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Historians talk about labor relations in between former slaves and also former masters after the polite War.

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What happened to job on southern plantations best after the war?

Eric Foner

Eric Foner:  larger economic context... Is very disadvantageous. Cotton prices room falling. Human being demand for noodle is slowing. The credit system in the South, based upon the so-called "crop lien" (whereby world borrow money pledging the future cotton chop as your collateral come a merchant), leader to over-production of cotton and also further decreases in the price. So the is no a vehicle that allows people to move ahead. It"s not a car for improvement. Really often the sharecropper is in debt at the finish of the year, and continues in blame year after ~ year. So it does provide black households far more independence than they had actually as slaves, or even as corridor laborers or something favor that, yet it definitely doesn"t fully give them the financial independence that they have actually wanted, coming the end of slavery.

Did sharecropping store freed servants in poverty permanently?

Ed Ayers: One that the miracles that the restoration era and also the period that adheres to is that in spite of the reality of having been slaves, and also despite the reality of beginning with nothing, nothing, that through their hard work, were able come scrimp and also save and buy a small bit of land because that themselves, and also build a much better future for your children. They educate their youngsters somehow, out of every this. How can they afford to carry out that? just through sacrifice.

So we don"t desire to permit the story the subjugation and also poverty so overwhelm united state that we don"t recognize that in spite of all those things, that African americans in the south were able to fight their means up into a much better life because that themselves and their families.

How go the changes in black color labor influence white workers?

Nell Painter: Sometimes white labor said, "Well, I"ve had so much trouble v these black people, I"m walk to employ white people." so white world had a genuine opening right into the labor market in 1865, in a way they hadn"t. And also it transforms out that they plot in the labor market really much the means other people did. So bad white ladies were no an ext anxious to carry out housework than bad black women. And also what the did was raise wages...

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There were many much more skilled black human being in 1865 than there were professional white people. And also when experienced work came to be wage work, climate white employees moved into that niche... We understand that there was a great deal of violence roughly skilled work. And it was violence that ultimately got a the majority of black human being out of skilled work. In the railroad business, because that instance, there to be a series of dislike strikes and also attacks, so that by the beforehand 20th century, black color workers" function in railroad occupational was together Pullman porters or together helpers come mechanics and so forth. For this reason they might no much longer be engineers and also that sort of thing.