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John C. Frémont
John C. Frémont, engraving from a daguerreotype by Mathew Brady, c. 1850.
Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Meanwhile, basic Stephen watts Kearny gone into California indigenous the southeast v orders to establish a government. This led to a problem of government in i m sorry Frémont associated himself after agree California’s capitulation from mexican officials in ~ Cahuenga Pass, near Los Angeles. Stockton had actually appointed Frémont army governor of California, but Kearny would certainly not identify the appointment. Frémont however served as governor for two months, in ~ which time Kearny had him arrested after having actually received check of his own authority. Frémont was went back to Washington, D.C., and, in 1847–48, court-martialed for mutiny, disobedience, and also conduct prejudicial to armed forces discipline. He to be sentenced come dismissal from the army. Return his punish was collection aside by chairman James K. Polk, Frémont, bitter around the ordeal, resigned indigenous the army. With it all he retained the high for of the basic public.

Frémont changed west to California to an legacy he had actually purchased in the Sierra Nevada foothills close to Mariposa, just to discover himself in the midst of the California yellow Rush. After rich ore veins were discovered on his land, he came to be a multimillionaire. In 1850, following California’s admittance to the union, he was elected one the the state’s first two senators. A firm enemy of slavery, he lost a reelection bid in 1851 come a pro-slavery candidate. However, his popularity in help to certain California for the country and also the publicity generated by yet another expedition—to Utah territory in 1853–54—led to him gift nominated because that the presidency in 1856 through the new Republican Party. In the election he was defeated by the autonomous candidate, James Buchanan, yet came closer to uniting the electorate that the North and West versus the south than had any previous candidate.

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Frémont to be appointed a major general of Union troops in Missouri ~ the American Civil war began, however he confirmed to be an ineffective leader. Further, in august 1861 he ordered the confiscation that the building of Missourians in rebellion and also the emancipation that the state’s slaves. President Abraham Lincoln, believing those actions to it is in premature and fearing the they would alienate border states, relieved Frémont that his command shortly thereafter. The following year Frémont was provided leadership of an additional army—this time in the Appalachian region—but he confirmed ineffective versus the quick maneuvers that his opponent, the Confederate basic Thomas (“Stonewall”) Jackson. After shedding command that his military to a rival, john Pope, Frémont again angrily resigned native the military. He was still popular enough to be taken into consideration for the presidential nomination again in 1864 by the radical soup of the Republican Party. He withdrew his candidacy, however, to avoid separating the party, due to the fact that that probably would have actually resulted in the defeat of Lincoln. After that he retired from public life to devote himself to railroad projects in the West. In 1878, after losing his fortune, he was appointed governor of the Arizona Territory, wherein he offered until 1883.