In many versions of J.M. Barrie"s tale, Peter and also Wendy, the guardian fairy Tinker Bell is Peter"s aide de camp, as well as consistent companion. The Disney variation of the character, however, increased her story greatly, giving her several films, friends, a sister, and also adventures every one of her own...

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Originally, I thought Tinker Bell was the fairy born of Peter"s very first laugh, for this reason why she to be so attached come him. The abovementioned series, however, proves that not to it is in the case.

How then did Tinker Bell come to be the an individual Fairy of the young Prince of Neverland?

And at what point (as in exactly how long before his adventure meeting Wendy, John, and also Michael) did she join him?

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Sticking strictly come the Disney version of events, we discover of Tinkerbell and also Peter"s first meeting in the Disney Fairies tie-in novel The Trouble through Tink. There"s no certain timescale offered other 보다 that it occurred after the occasions of the Fairies films, presumably to stop them paint themselves right into a edge if they decision to proceed making Fairies-branded Tinker Bell films

“A shark’s tooth,” Peter replied, simply a bit smugly. “Isn’t that swell?I’m walking to placed it top top a string and also make a necklace.”

“The very first time i met Peter, he was trying come steal a shark’s tooth,”Tink described to Terence.

“That’s right!” exclaimed Peter. “I’d do a bet with the boys that Icould steal a this from a live shark. I built a small raft out ofbirchwood and also was paddling out to sea…”

From the method he began, Terence could tell that Peter had told thisstory many times before, and also that that loved informing it.

“I had just paddled beyond the reef,” Peter continued, “when i feltsomething bang the underside of mine raft.”

“The shark?” asked Terence.

Peter nodded. “He was in search of his lunch. However he didn’t know that Iwas in search of him, too!”

“How did you plan to acquire his tooth?” Terence asked.

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“I intended to shock him through my oar, climate steal the this while he wasout cold,” stated Peter. “But he to be bigger 보다 I’d thought, and beforeI knew it, the bitten my little raft appropriate in half! i was sinkingfast, and it looked prefer the finish for me, when suddenly i heard ajingling sound end my head. Ns looked up and there was Tinker Bell.She yelled under at me…”

“‘Fly, silly boy!’” Tink and Peter cry together. They laughed,remembering.

“But ns didn’t know exactly how to fly,” Peter told Terence. “So Tink taught mehow, ideal then and also there. She sprinkled part fairy dust top top me, andbefore i knew it, I’d zipped up into the air, out of the shark’sreach. Boy, was he mad!”