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The conversation in between Crooks and also Lennie wake up after the farm hands, consisting of George and also Slim, go the end to city at night. Crooks stays ago in the barn because, together a black color man, he is not embraced by the others. Lennie continues to be behind together well, wanting to look ~ Slim"s pups....

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The conversation in between Crooks and Lennie happens after the farm yard hands, including George and Slim, go the end to town at night. Crooks stays earlier in the barn because, as a black man, that is not accepted by the others. Lennie remains behind as well, wanting to look ~ Slim"s pups. Liquid stays earlier in the farm as well. 

Crooks is trying to play mind gamings with Lennie. That realizes how co-dependent Lennie is top top George, and also he starts questioning him questions about what would take place if George were not there; if George did not come earlier for Lennie, or even if George acquired hurt and couldn"t come back. Lennie is visibly uncomfortable by the questions, for this reason Crooks stops. 

Here is wherein Crooks"s indigenous betray a feeling of longing that reflects a desire to also have who in his life, in any kind of capacity: 

Steinbeck - that Mice and also Men

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A male goes nuts if the ain’t acquired nobody. Don’t do no distinction who the guy is, long’s he’s v you. I tell ya,” he cried, “I call ya a man gets also lonely an’ he it s okay sick.”

These indigenous epitomize the main theme the the story because each the the men in the farm are in the same instance as Crooks, whether they have actually someone to speak to or not. They room all basically alone. Every of the men is there because that a various reason, castle have various dreams, and also they fight different woes. They carry out not operate as a group, yet as people working separate work within one exact same roof. Castle all long for miscellaneous better, and also they dream their different dreams. To have the ability to have someone to re-superstructure those feelings through would be a an excellent gift. Yet, none of them, not even George, really has that connection. In the finish they will all remain and also end increase alone.