1.How go Gulliverend increase stranded in Lilliput?

He survives a shipwreckHis crew abandons himHe is dropped there by an enormous eagleHe stops there for provisions and also is trapped while he sleeps

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2.How perform the Lilliputiansoffer Gulliver something to drink?

They failure their town reservoirThey draw away a riverThey summon the rainsThey roll out barrels that wine

3.How does Gulliverearn the location of Nardac in Lilliput?

By recording the Blefuscudian fleetBy placing out the fire in the empress’s quartersBy mirroring lenience toward a team of soldiers that earlierattack himBy helping the Lilliputians construct a brand-new palace

4.Instead the killinghim outright, the Lilliputians decide on i m sorry of the followingpunishments because that Gulliver?

Blinding him and slowly starving himto deathExiling himCutting off his handsPoisoning him

5.What is the lineof doctrine end which the Blefuscudians and Lilliputians differ?

“All true believers shall break your eggs in ~ the small end.”“All true believers shall break your eggs in ~ the bigend.”“All true believers candlestick break your eggs as theysee fit.”“All true believers shall break theireggs at the practically end.”

7.How go Gulliverleave Brobdingnag?

He builds himself a sailboatHe is exiledHe is lugged away by a giant eagleHe is taken earlier to England by Don Pedro

9.What walk thefarmer make Gulliver do in order to earn money?

Perform tricks because that spectatorsSpy on surrounding farmersWork in the fieldsKill rats

10.Who is Gulliver’smain foe in the imperial court of Brobdingnag?

The dwarfThe kingThe queenReldresal

11.What human being inventiondoes Gulliver suggest to the king the Brobdingnag the the king findsrevolting?


12.How go Gulliverend up in Laputa?

Pirates assault his shipHis crew mutiniesHe is shipwreckedHe stops there because that provisions

13.What carry out “flappers”do because that the human being of Laputa?

Keep castle cool through fanning themProtect them from birds and also insectsKeep them involved in conversationsIntroduce castle to various other people

14.Why walk Gulliverseem stupid to the Laputans?

He does no speak their languageHe is ignorant of music and mathematicsHe is do not want to usage a flapperHe does no understand exactly how the floating island works

15.Why does Gulliversummon the shades of René Descartes and Pierre Gassendi come talkto Aristotle?

Descartes and Gassendi were pendant of Aristotle’s theoriesDescartes, Gassendi, and Aristotle were every political satiristsDescartes and also Gassendi to be philosopherswho revised countless of Aristotle’s theoriesDescartes and also Gassendi were friends that Swift

16.Why is Gulliverexiled indigenous the soil of the Houyhnhnms?

He urinates on the queen’s palaceHe steals from his Houyhnhnm masterThe Houyhnhnms decide that it is notright because that a Yahoo to live among themThe Houyhnhnms decide to exterminate the Yahoos

17.Why is mr Munodilooked under upon by the federal government in Lagado?

He uses timeless methods that agricultureand architectureHe is ignorant of music and also mathematicsHe breaks his eggs on the tiny endHe when tried to lead a coup versus the present government

18.Who space Gulliver’sclosest friends ~ he return from his time through the Houyhnhnms?

His wife and childrenLord MunodiTwo horsesDon Pedro de Mendez

19.How walk theking that Luggnagg dispose of his opponents in the court?

By slipping poison right into the alcohol they drink come his healthBy poisoning the floor they room requiredto lick together they approach himBy poisoning their clothesBy exiling them from the island

20.On i beg your pardon islandis Gulliver offered the opportunity to summon the shades that the dead?


21.What is differentabout the Struldbrugs the Luggnagg?

They space immortalThey are blindThey have no volume for memoryThey have actually no need to consume food

22.Which the thefollowing type of devoted language go Swift not ridicule?


23.Which the thehuman cultures that he visits does Gulliver discover most appealing?


24.Which that thefollowing adjectives best describe Gulliver’s personality in thefirst 3 voyages?

Direct and also perspicaciousCynical and bitterGullible and honestKind and also condescending

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