exactly how high deserve to spiders jump, and can they leap up on come a wall and rise from there? for instance, have the right to a spider jump as much as the lip in any kind of of this (O is ground, X is wall):

X X XX X XX X XX X X X X XOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEveryone states you must put a lip ~ above your wall to save spiders out, however nobody claims if there is a minimum height before it is effective.

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I constantly put my lip just high sufficient so that ns don"t bang my head on it (that is, through 2 blocks of air between the ground and also the lip). I have actually watched it stop spiders and have never encountered a spider above the lip. James" answer is correct about the spider AI.



While they deserve to jump, ns am not certain of the height to try and give you a value (The wiki is empty)

What I can speak to is the the spider AI will usually walk forward and also then run up as soon as it demands to, causing them being Under the lip and also hitting their heads on it. If they can jump approximately the lower ones, it would be a timing problem whether or no they do it.


I am making a fighting arena round a spawner and also I have actually made the iron bars 4 high and also the spiders can"t run that


The minimum elevation a spider can jump is around 15 block high. The doesn"t matter around the lip, that does not also work.( or at least when i tried it) so, friend should construct your building pretty high, if you do not desire spiders invading your building.

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