The Temperature in English

The temperature is how hot or cold other is. We use a thermometer to measure the temperature of something. Temperature is generally measured in degrees.

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The ° symbol after ~ a number method degrees. 30° = thirty degrees

There are two key systems provided for measure up temperature: °F = degrees Fahrenheit (used in unified States) °C = levels Celsius (used in the rest of the world)

When talking about the temperature we typically use: it + is/was/will be + adjective

It is chilly today. It was warm yesterday. It will certainly be cold tomorrow.

Here is a chart showing temperature


The temperatures offered are only an approximation to give you one idea of once to use them.

28°C (or more) - hot 15 come 28°C - warmth 10 to 15°C - Cool 5 to 10°C - chilly 0 to 5°C - Cold 0°C (or less) - Freezing

Remember, what is hot in one nation may only be thought about warm in another. What may be chilly in one nation may be freezing in another.

The complying with words refer to being an ext than hot and are used for temperatures end 30°C.

Boiling: very hot, frequently used in negative contexts Humid: hot and damp. It provides you sweat a lot of Muggy: warm and also damp in an unpleasant means Scorching: an extremely hot, often used in hopeful contexts Stifling: hot and you have the right to hardly breath Sweltering: hot and uncomfortable

So what renders a day hot or cold? It counts on the weather…

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