Originating from Malaysia, the Serama chicken is a lovable breed that has sparked the interest of many in the west world. Their lovable nature and tiny size make desirable for chicken lovers.

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Though your appearance may pull at your heartstrings, these small beauties have the right to be fairly costly. It’s the smallest chicken in the world and also a true bantam breed. It’s necessary not to raise them in a blended flock.

Let’s take it a look at part facts and also how to care for them before you decision to add them to your backyard farm.

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Purpose for Raising

Serama chickens are used as an at home or outdoor pet, because that ornamental purposes, and also for eggs. Chicken owners typically don’t select them as a meat bird as they are little and have muscular bodies.

They are also used in a mission to help children with autism. The Serama Autism project out of new York provides an emotional assistance Serama to act together a companion to help a boy with communication, fine motor skills, etc.

They space the smallest chickens in the world

Serama chickens For Sale

You deserve to buy chicks and chickens indigenous Serama chicken breeders. Being more expensive than an mean chicken, a lot depends on their quality, age, and gender.

A trustworthy breeder will charge anywhere from $30 – $40+ because that males come $30 – $70+ for females.

Depending on your bloodline, they deserve to exceed $100 each. The females will certainly typically constantly be an ext expensive than the males.

Pet high quality Seramas can sell because that $10 – $30. Girlfriend can inspect on Craigslist.

Compare this price to various other chicken breeds, and also you will certainly see just how much much more costly these tiny chicken are. However, having actually the world’s smallest chicken breed have the right to be a funny adventure.

Chicken fanciers will enjoy increasing them as an ornamental bird or together a pet rather of thinking about them together laying for homesteading. This might make castle seem more affordable.

Also, if girlfriend buy a rooster in addition to hens native a Serama chicken breeder, you’ll have the ability to hatch productive Serama egg at house yourself.

Smallest Chicken Breed

Acquiring a Serama bantam chicken have the right to be a an excellent addition to her poultry household or backyard, specifically if girlfriend don’t live in a cold climate. Lock aren’t cold durable chickens.

While they may cost more than other species of chickens, they will be a fertile pet with their eggs. Seramas are considered to be good layers providing eggs weekly.

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They room lively and also social birds. Through a straightforward aviary constructed, they room content to play, lay small chicken eggs, and entertain you and also your family. Some owners raise them truly together pets and keep one or 2 Seramas indoors together a house pet.