How countless flecks of black color pepper are in every bottle of Bloody mary Mix? would Marg Mix by any type of other surname still taste together sweet? and where have the right to I buy a bottle of premade cocktail mix, like, now? We’ve got the answers come at least some the those questions below.



Picture this: it’s 1997, you sporting your favorite fanny pack, and you just took a sip of the best bloody mar you’ve ever tasted in your whole life. Girlfriend ask your bartender to share your secret. The answer? Zing Zang Bloody mary Cocktail Mix.

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Through word-of-mouth exchanges similar to this, our Bloody mar Mix ended up being a fan-favorite the bartenders and also bar patrons alike. Perfect top top its very own or v spirits, beers, and also garnishes, Zing Zang easily rose in the ranks to end up being America’s Number One Bloody mar Mix.

Cocktail culture evolved and our fans wanted more. Therefore in 2018, we created our heat of high-quality, affordable Cocktail Mixes made with all natural ingredients the taste new squeezed. Then, we made castle all available in 8oz slim cans, so that consumers can conveniently reap whenever and wherever castle wanted, while reducing waste.

What’s next you ask? total bar dare domination. Cheers come that.

We recommend enjoying our Bloody mary Mix within three weeks that opening. For our mixes made through all herbal ingredients and also no preservatives, gain within 7-10 work of opening. Every one of our cocktail mixes have to be refrigerated after ~ opening.

I've noticed shade variations and also sediment in several of the mixes made through all herbal ingredients. Is this normal?

Because our mixes made with all natural ingredients include real fruit juice, pulp may naturally clear up to the bottom that the bottle. Also, as nature bring away its course, our Margarita Mix may take top top a more golden hue, i m sorry is normal. Just shake well prior to enjoying.

None of our Zing Zang Cocktail Mixes contain any kind of animal-based ingredients. Prior to April 2019, our Bloody mary Mix bottles consisted of a fish ingredient (anchovies), i beg your pardon still might be available in some stores and also bars. Us recommend reviewing the published ingredients top top packaging, as that is the most accurate and also up-to-date resource for ingredient information. While our ingredients space all vegan-friendly, our assets may be produced in a facility that offers non-vegan ingredients.

The spice mix in our initial bottled Bloody mar Mix consists of a wheat ingredient. We removed this wheat ingredient from ours 8oz can be ~ of Bloody mary Mix. Nobody of the other Zing Zang Cocktail Mixes contain any gluten ingredients.

Currently, our Zing Zang Bloody mary Mix in 32 oz and also 1.75 L bottles contain wheat and also soy allergens. Before April 2019, ours Bloody mar Mix in bottles also contained a fish allergen (anchovies). Ours packaging is the most accurate and up-to-date source for allergen information. As with all foods, you must review the ingredients and allergen explain on pack for allergens. If you have any type of concerns, you should consult through your physician around the usage of the product.

perform Zing Zang cocktail mixes contain high furustos corn syrup?

No. None of Zing Zang’s cocktail mixes usage high fructose corn syrup.

What renders Zing Zang bold and also flavorful?

All of our mixes space made with distinct blends that juices to bring the perfect flavor to her favorite cocktails. Also, us play according to disco music when we’re do them.

Yes, our all of our mixes are made with real fruit or vegetables. Ours signature Bloody mary Mix is made through tomato puree and also a 7 vegetable juice blend. Ours Margarita, Piña Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, and also Sweet & cake mixes contain genuine fruit juices and other natural ingredients.

Zing Zang cocktail mixes come in assorted sizes perfect for all sorts that occasions. Our assets come in 32oz bottles, 1.75L bottles, and also 8oz cans the are offered as singles or in a 6pk. with info on the product girlfriend purchased, the lot/”best by date” code digitally printed on the bottle and also the store/city friend purchased that from. Us stand by ours products and would love the chance to make it right!

Where perform I find Zing Zang near me?

To discover Zing Zang mixes in a store near you, click here.

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What mixes go Zing Zang offer?

We right now offer compensation Winning Bloody mar Mix in addition to mixes made through all herbal ingredients choose Margarita Mix, Sweet & cake Mix, Piña Colada Mix, and also Strawberry Daiquiri Mix.