I simply moved right into a new house (well, in reality it"s old - 1920). We don"t have actually a rubbish disposal and was interested in in having one set up so I referred to as a plumber. He estimated $650-750 saying that the electrical wiring would be the key cost because the electrical needs to it is in run directly to the circuit breaker. Is the right? possibly I have the right to do the wiring myself?



Yes, you"ll require a 20 Amp 120V outlet with simply the disposal on it. I don"t watch why friend shouldn"t have the ability to wire it increase yourself.

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Something rather to think about - is your residence on a septic tank or a sewage system system? some city regulation don"t permit a garbage disposal on a septic tank. Our is type of kludged through the move under the sink since it was an after-inspection add-on to the house when it was built. At least that"s what the home inspector said me as soon as I request him around it.


How update is her wiring? In one old house, it could still have actually knob and tube wiring. If this is the case then i wouldn"t desire to mess with wiring up a disposal.

However, if the wiring has actually been redone with modern stuff, climate its quite easy. I put one in mine 1920s house (with update wiring) earlier this year.

The main trouble I had actually is that every point out on mine breaker crate was already full. (See concern I asked around this here.) code does in fact require the handle to have actually its own circuit, yet for me this was challenging option. Rather I just spliced into the currently kitchen circuit.

By my calculations, a 1/4 HP disposal (which is yes, really all girlfriend need) will certainly draw around 1.5 Amps the current.

.25 HP = 186 watts 186 watts / 120 V = 1.5 Amps

I calculated the max power draw of all the kitchen appliances add to the new disposal, and it was well under the 20 Amp max that the circuit. It seems silly come dedicate a whole circuit come an appliance that shouldn"t attract over 2 Amps.

A twin check of the specs on mine 1/4 HP disposal suggests it pulls up to 9 Amps! Don"t execute what ns did. Placed the disposal on its very own circuit.

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$650-$750 is a lot to pay. If you"re home"s wiring have the right to handle it, it"s miscellaneous you can do yourself for around $150 in materials and a few hours that work.