The Gigabyte is the equivalent of 1024 megabytes. The giga prefix originates native a Greek word an interpretation giant. Often, manufacturers the storage tools use the hatchet to compare the cost per gigabyte of various units sold. Miscellaneous similar, to what we execute in the supermarket, as soon as we are evaluating two similar products offered in packages with different volumes. In these instances we compare the expense per lb to find out i beg your pardon one is best. This is a an extremely common term supplied these days as soon as we refer to disk space or warehouse drive. One gigabyte allows you store about the materials of several books used to to fill a shelf around 10 feet long.

The Megabyte is the identical of 1024 kilobytes or 1,048,576 bytes. However, the global Measurement System suggests that the mega prefix need to be supplied to typical one million. Therefore as no to deceive customers, difficult disk manufacturers and also other storage devices have begun using this recommendation, and equating the megabyte to 1,000,000 bytes. This allowed to minimize the number of clients, that complained, claiming that their devices had much less capacity than the one the was advertised. In the beforehand days the computing, a megabyte was thought about a most data, nowadays, that is not so. A megabyte allows you store a small book, 100 megabytes allow you to save multiple volumes of one encyclopedia, and 640 megabytes is the room occupied through a music CD.

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Math Formula

`MB=GB xx 1024`

Conversion Examples

gb to mbgb come mb
0.25 GB = 256 MB4.5 GB = 4608 MB
0.5 GB = 512 MB5 GB = 5120 MB
0.75 GB = 768 MB6 GB = 6144 MB
1 GB = 1024 MB7 GB = 7168 MB
1.5 GB = 1536 MB8 GB = 8192 MB
2 GB = 2048 MB9 GB = 9216 MB
2.5 GB = 2560 MB10 GB = 10240 MB
3 GB = 3072 MB15 GB = 15360 MB
3.5 GB = 3584 MB20 GB = 20480 MB
4 GB = 4096 MB25 GB = 25600 MB
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