In 2002, Jeep introduced its Liberty design to change the Cherokee. This new Liberty to be in production until 2012 when the re-introduction the the Cherokee replaced it. Throughout ten years on the market, the Liberty had an ext than its same share of issues, so you could wonder how many miles a Jeep Libery have the right to last. We’ve researched this mid-size SUV in terms of reliability to acquire the answers you’ll require when considering this vehicle.

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The Jeep Liberty deserve to last fine over 200,000 miles. Several factors will boost the likelihood of your Liberty’s longevity. Make certain that any kind of recall concerns on your version year have actually been addressed and also fixed. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintain schedule for the life of your vehicle, and remember that how you drive her Jeep also impacts how long it will certainly last.

Now the you understand Jeep Liberty’s anticipated mileage, you’ve probably gained other questions about this vehicle. Is the Liberty reliable? What to be the best year Liberty to purchase used? What usual problems deserve to be expected from a Jeep Liberty? check out on to discover the answers to these questions and also more!


Is Jeep Liberty reliable?

As long as you acquire a offered Jeep Liberty through the recalls appropriately repaired, this mid-size SUV maintains a decent reputation for gift reliable. It is rated best in the middle of various other SUVs in ~ its class, comes in fourteenth the end of twenty-six midsized comparisons. The usual model Jeep Liberty has an average annual maintenance cost of under $850 per year, i beg your pardon is common for an enlarge vehicle. Many of the post-recall concerns that room reported space fortunately, an extremely minor.

As with any kind of vehicle, it’s necessary to make certain that regimen maintenance is performed together scheduled. This is an especially true v older Liberty models. Item that might seem unimportant, like obtaining the oil and oil filter changed, are crucial for lengthening the life of her Liberty. Consult your Jeep Liberty owners’ hands-on for a complete list that what maintenance they recommend and when they introduce it, and stick come it! It could mean the difference in whether her Liberty is tho on the road years native now.

What year is the best Jeep Liberty?

Our study has displayed that the best year for the Jeep Liberty to be the 2009 model. Far fewer mechanically issues emerged during 2009 than the average year’s models (the worst gift the 2002 model). The 2009 Liberty was the 2nd year relax of the 2nd (and last) generation models, which available many new features to Liberty owners.

The 2009 model enjoyed better safety ratings 보다 the ahead generation Liberty (2002-2007), amongst the top in that class. The second-generation Liberty models also brought back a boxy Jeep look, a famous aesthetic indigenous other design Jeeps from year past.This design Jeep also came equipped v on-board navigation, blue this capability, side passenger airbags, anti-lock brakes, traction control, and also many various other standard attributes that the first generation Jeep Liberty did not have.

Is the Jeep PowerTech 3.7L engine a an excellent engine?

Jeep models and some Chrysler model trucks offered this engine to replace the 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine. Since its use prospered to encompass other makes and also models (including Durango, Charger, and Dakota), some concerns have pertained to light about issues v both the design and also the engine’s performance.

Defective Valve Seats

Defective valve seats have actually been reported to have caused some significant problems v engine failure. Because the valve seats to be designed to sit deeply within the cylinder heads, the metal the heads room fabricated from tends to crumble as soon as expanding and contracting native heat and also cold. The steel crumbles have been well known for leading to the pistons and also cylinders to deteriorate and also ultimately fail.


Flawed Piston Ring Landings

According to this post from “Car Cash Buyer,” Powertrain products (specializing in engine rebuilds) reported, “the 2nd design flaw lies in the design of the piston ring landings. This flaw causes the engines to run a lot hotter 보다 they have to be running.” A compounding worry to this is tiny drain holes in the heads and also block. When new oil breakdown, together the component overheats, sludge stays in the engine, leading to a blockage. This blockage leader to potential oil-starvation, resulting in engine block or engine seizure.

Lacking Acceleration Power

Consumers likewise report the the Jeep PowerTech 3.7 liter engine isn’t as powerful as it needs to it is in to accelerate and pass various other vehicles in traffic, particularly when outfitted come the Jeep Liberty or the evade Durango. This lack of power seems to be the most typical complaint regarding the power of the engine itself.

Common Jeep Liberty problems

There room many concerns with the Jeep Liberty that have resulted in multiple recalls by the manufacturer. When the recalls were fewer during the second generation (only 2 were issued in the last year model, 2012), the at an early stage models were notorious for assorted issues. During the an initial year alone, Jeep had actually to do fourteen separate recalls because that the Liberty model. The most common issues because that the 2002 Jeep Liberty were:

inadvertent airbag deploymentpost-collision fire ~ a rear impactreplacement front wheel hubsupper ball joint separationbrake hydraulic master cylinderairbag deployment delay


The airbags’ issues onboard the Jeep Liberty persisted because that several much more years precious of models before coming to be a minor problem. Overall, the most common problems reported about the Jeep Liberty have actually been concerned the Liberty’s suspension system. The front round joints have actually been an extremely problematic, resulting in multiple recalls from Jeep the stretch end multiple years.

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In case you’re considering purchase a used Jeep Liberty, we’ve broken down the major problems by design year below. This perform is based upon both official recall information and consumer data:

2002: inadvertent airbag deployment and faulty sphere joints2003: suspension issues, faulty round joints, home window regulator failure2004: suspension issues, home window regulator failure, next reflectors no meeting safety and security standards2005: regulate arm failures, suspension issues, rear affect leading come fires2006: faulty home window regulators, gas tanks overflow without any kind of warning, overheating ventilators and a/c motors2007: faulty home window regulators2008: failing TIPM (Total combined Power Module)2009: soft aftermarket suspension issues2010: failing TIPM2011: faulty airbags (delayed or no deployment)2012: failing TIPM, faulty airbags (delayed or no deployment), worries with active headrest


We’ve learned a good deal about the Jeep Liberty in state of exactly how long you can expect it come last and what it’s major issues have been over the years. As soon as you’re researching i beg your pardon used vehicle to purchase, it’s essential to mental that almost every design has had some worries that have actually been reported since they’ve rolled off the assembly line. Some concerns are clearly much more serious 보다 others, however. Once buying a supplied vehicle, we’d strong recommend that you carry out plenty of research on the vehicle’s recalls, and make certain that the specific one you’re considering has had the recall job-related performed ~ above it.

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