Texas is Big. No one will dispute that. Yet how huge is big? Texas is the second-largest state in the us with an area the 268,597 square miles or 171,902,080 acres. In comparison, Texas is about 1.65 times bigger than California, at 163,696 square miles. Texas is not the biggest state, however. Alaska, the largest state in the us is practically 2.5 times bigger than Texas at 663,300 square miles. According to Statista, Texas has actually 29 million residents and also the 13th highest GDP in the people at 1.78 sunshine as of 2019.

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Why is Texas therefore big?

New Union states were historically created by subdividing territories. Texas was already a large independent republic at the moment it join the Union and also was not divided up. At one suggest in history, Texas was even larger extending some of brand-new Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, and also Kansas. You’ll should dig deep into the well-off Texas history to acquire the full story.

10 Little-Known Facts around the size of Texas

The entire world population of 7.8 billion could fit right into the state that Texas, presume the population density of brand-new York City of 27,000 per square mile. If Texas were its very own country, it would be the 40th largest out the 193 countries in the world, bigger than every nation in Europe.King Ranch is the biggest ranch in Texas and also the US, in ~ 1,289 square miles. It is bigger 보다 the state the Rhode Island alone.The fastest roadway in the United says is in Texas and runs because that 40 mile from Austin to mountain Antonio with a speed limit of 85 miles per hour.El Paso is closer come Denver at 637 miles than to Houston at 747 miles.El Paso, Texas is closer come the Pacific ocean at san Diego California than it is come Texarkana Texas.The “Texas Triangle” consists of Dallas, ft Worth, Austin, and San Antonio with over 21 million the the 29 million Texas residents.The Dallas/Fort worth Airport, at 27 square mile is bigger than the island of Manhattan.U. S. 83 is the longest highway in Texas in ~ 783.5 mile long. Beginning from Perryton on the Oklahoma state line, it proceeds to the border the Mexico at Brownsville.Texas has actually the U.S.’s largest domed state capitol structure with 18 acres of floor space.

How numerous states have the right to fit in Texas?

Fifteen of the smallest united state states could fit in ~ Texas simultaneously including Kentucky, Virginia, Indiana, Maine, southern Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland, Vermont, brand-new Hampshire, Massachusetts, new Jersey, Hawaii, Connecticut, Delaware, and also Rhode Island. Individually, every state other than for Alaska can fit in Texas. California, the third-largest state have the right to fit right into Texas around 1.6 times. Rhode Island, the the smallest state at only 1,212 square miles, deserve to fit into Texas around 221 times.

Is Texas bigger than England?

Yes, England is much less than one-fifth the the dimension of Texas in land area. England is simply 50,346 square miles contrasted to Texas’ 268,597 square miles. At its widest, England is only 181 miles eastern to west and 346 mile north to south. Brother capital and most populated city, London, is simply smaller than the soil area the Houston. However, London has actually a populace of almost 9 million if Houston’s population is simply over 2.3 million. Overall, England’s population rests at 56.29 million v Texas at 29 million residents. Economically, brothers GDP is 1.3 times larger than the of Texas. England has actually a GDP that $2.5 trillion, while Texas has a GDP the $1.887 trillion. Per capita, however, Texas’ GDP was $61,682 in 2019, with England’s at $42,300 in 2019.

What nation is the same size as Texas?

Great map demonstrating the size of Texas vs various European Countries

France is roughly the very same size together texas but Texas is just around 8% larger land area. France is 248,573 square miles contrasted to Texas in ~ 268,597 square miles. Both Myanmar (Burma) with 261,227 square miles and Zambia through 290,587 square mile are really close come the dimension of Texas at 268,597 square miles.

Is Texas Bigger than the UK?

Yes! in ~ 268,597 square miles, Texas is 2.8 times bigger than the UK at just 93,628 square miles.

How long does it take to drive across Texas?

Texas is 805 miles north to south and also would take roughly 13 hrs to drive. Friend would start in Texhoma, a little town the sits on the border that Texas and Oklahoma climate drive southern through Lubbock, san Antonio, and all the way down come Brownsville, the southernmost city top top the guideline of Texas.


From east to west, the Texas journey is around 773 miles and also takes approximately 11 hours and also 15 minutes to drive. That course, you’ll must plan second hour or 2 of stop to be safe. Starting in El Paso, you would certainly drive eastern on I-10 until you reach I-20 after around 160 miles. Native there, you would take I-20 v Odessa, Abilene, the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, and also to Waskom, one of the farthest east cities just prior to the Texas-Louisiana border. Alternatively, you deserve to fly four hours from El Paso to Shreveport local Airport simply on the Louisiana side of the Texas-Louisiana border.

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If you room interested in what it could look choose to drive throughout Texas ~ above I-10 native El Paso through Houston, inspect out this cool timelapse video.