Brock Lesnar has a an individual bench push maximum that 655 pounds (297 kilograms). A reference for this bench press is note Henry, described as the strongest male in the world by WWE, has a bench push of 585 pounds while another former WWE Superstar the good Khali at 7ft 1in, stop a best bench push of 600 pounds.

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In this article, we look closer at how much Brock Lesnar can bench press

Brock Lesnar’s Bench press for NFL Combine and more

These room Brock Lesnar’s bench push results from the NFL combine together with the other results native his performance:

Brock Lesnar (at 6’4”, 296lbs)40 garden Dash: 4.65 secondsVertical Jump: 35 inchesBroad Jump: 10 footBench Press: 43 reps of 225lbs

These space incredibly great results. Specifically Brock Lesnar’s bench press. Being able to lift 225 pounds on the bench press 43 times consecutively is really impressive.

Brock Lesnar Bench push on Video

Although there doesn’t seem come be countless resources that present Brock Lesnar benching the 655 pounds online, there room videos the end there that show him bench pressing in other cases that show the sheer size of the man’s power.

Below, we have a video clip of Brock Lesnar going complete force and also pumping out severe weight for reps on the bench press:

This is around 315 pounds (142.5 kilograms) the Brock Lesnar is bench pushing for reps here.

You deserve to see, with the quantity of strength he’s generating below that it’s really believable that the man can bench push 655 pounds. He’s throw 315 pounds about like that is a heat up exercise.

Can Brock Lesnar yes, really bench press 655 pounds?

There are countless online resources which case Brock Lesnar deserve to bench press 655 pounds, however we have actually yet to watch it excellent in our study on Brock.

That said, there’s many of other info out there which mirrors him come bench impressive amounts of load for reps i m sorry leads us to believe that that may be able to do a lift as huge as 655 pounds together a one rep max.

Especially as soon as there’s video footage of that doing 315 pounds for reps, and also there’s also that report of the doing the NFL combine with 43 reps the 225 pounds.

He’s one incredibly strong man and we find the possibility of that benching 655 pounds promising. Brock Lesnar has an incredibly an effective build and a good body type that compliments bench pushing with his barrel chest and thick arms. That is a happiness to clock him bench press.

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