Hello! just wondering if anyone to know the price because that Birkenstock shoes in Berlin contrasted to Canada or the US?

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You can inspect with the Birkenstock virtual shop (country Germany, language German).

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The official


Neue Schönhauser Str. 6-7

10178 Berlin

has surely comparable prices. And additionally the continuous prices in other shoe shops will certainly be similar (many shoe shops in Germany sell Birkenstock shoes).

Of food there deserve to (and most likely will) be specials for specific models/sizes. But I doubt the anyone has an overview on this what will certainly be on sale tomorrow and also where.

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I understand from suffer that Birkenstocks room cheaper in ~ their save in ras Vegas than in Germany. And also that's before any special sales which are far an ext likely in the us or Canada. However do check the prices on the Internet.

We paid considerably less in ~ the Birkenstock keep in Munich than what we would pay right here in Seattle. This was 2 years ago.

Bought a bunch that Birkenstocks critical summer. Part stores that I went to had particular models on sale and also their prices were considerably lower the I found in the US. I uncovered one rather restricted pair for half the price...

Then again, I've to be to stores the seem overpriced because that what friend get...

In essence, shop approximately if friend can.

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