The Mynah bird is taken into consideration to it is in an affectionate bird that has actually the capability to talk and also mimic person sounds.

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Originating from south Asia, specifically India, a few Mynah types are preserved in captivity.

“Common Myna” (CC by 2.0) by Balaji Photography – 3,000,000 Views and Growing

How much do mynah bird cost?

On average, the expense depends on the store/breeder, location, color, species, age, dimension and the skills it has. A talking Indian Hill Myna have the right to retail because that $400, if the Thai Hill Mynah bird retails for $350. Be all set to spend everywhere from $350 to an ext than $1,500+ for a usual breed or much more for one the is considered to be rare. However, prior to considering a purchase, be certain to check out your local laws and regulations come ensure the is legit to own one.

Refer come our table below to see what prices us had uncovered online at the moment of this publishing:

SpeciesPrices Found
Pair the White edge Mynah Birds$3,500
Albino Hill Mynah$1,800
Black Collared Mynah$1,600
Grey Head Mynah$1,200
Common Mynah$550
Red Eyed Hill Mynah$3,000
Indian Hill Mynah$700
Large Crested$250

For instance, top top, breeders have actually listings that variety anywhere from $350 to more than $1,800.

According to a forum member ~ above this forum thread, they said you must be prepared to spend around $800 come $1,200. claims the price of a Mynah can price anywhere in between $500 to $1,500.

The usual Mynah species

Bali – one of the world’s rarest bird varieties and additionally among mynah varieties is the Bali. This species is a white fancy Mynah known for the black-colored mask; this varieties is currently an endangered varieties due to the damage of its organic habitats.

Bank -The bank Mynah is well-known for digging nesting feet in earthen banks.

Common/Indian – The typical Mynah or Indian Mynah, which comes from South Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and also some parts of Indochina, space often thought about a pest due to the fact that it was introduced into non-native habitats to help curb insect population, according to

Crested – The Crested Mynah originates from southerly China and also Taiwan and is the just kind that mynah to each other in phibìc America.

Hill – The Hill Mynah is possibly the many popular form of mynah since this is the varieties that has actually the ideal skill to learn just how to talk and mimic. It has actually a shiny black color body, reddish-orange beak, yellow skin behind its eye and an extended tissue that skin behind its head. The bird has yellow legs and feet through a whitish job on that underwings. The Hill Mynah primarily eats fruits and also will it is in the most well-known Mynah bird maintained in captivity.

Papuan and also Golden – The Papuan and gold Mynah are colorful, and fruit-eating types that are widely discovered in new Guinea.

White-vented/Javan – The White-vented or Javan Mynah, which originates from eastern Pakistan and some archipelago of Indonesia.

What space the extra costs?

Keep in mind that this form of bird cannot be found at your neighborhood pet store and also will frequently have to be purchased from either a localized breeder or one discovered online. Because of this, you might want to spending plan for shipping fee.

A birdcage, equipped with perches, toys and also bowls because that food and water, will certainly be necessary, together with any pet bird. Depending upon the size and also setup, this can easily price well right into the mid-hundreds that dollars. Specialists recommend a cage at least four feet long and also two feet high. The bird will need enough an are to hop from one end to the following with ease.

Foods, such as veggies, fruits, and the sometimes pellet diet, will must be budgeted for. Healthy and balanced vitamin supplements are very recommended together well, and bird owners recommend setting aside close come $50 a month for a well-balanced, healthy and balanced diet.

As with any kind of pet bird, routine/surprise vet visits should be factored in together well. A vet visit, even without any kind of testing, can cost much more than $50.

Think about acquiring a pair the Myna birds instead of simply one as in their herbal habitat, these birds live in pairs, or in apricot numbering approximately 30 birds. The bird, together you can see, is not provided to being alone.

While optional, DNA trial and error will be forced in stimulate to identify the sex of the bird.

Tips to know:

Most mynahs live in forests, trees, shrubby woodlands and can likewise be located in suburbs.

The bird is medium-sized, large and a strong-looking sturdy bird bearing a solid beak with solid legs and also a short tail. The bird makes various sounds such together squeaks, whistles, according to chatters, and different imitated noises.

Be conscious of what friend say roughly your Myna bird together it have the right to be the perfect imitator, regularly mimicking voices and accents in an nearly perfect way.

Make sure the Myna bird is healthy one before you purchase. A healthy mynah has smooth, shiny feathers and also alert eyes. It will hop around easily and also has a directly erect back. If the mynah has fluffed feathers, is person that is abnormal quiet, has actually a hunched back, droopy eyes and also stays in a corner, the bird is much more than most likely sick.

Do no feed avocado together it is toxicity to the mynah. Other fruits and veggies need to be cut up into tiny bite piece for simple chewing.

With the suitable care, a Mynah deserve to live much more than 10 year while in captivity.

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