The typical bunch of parsley includes 12 stems, weighs 55 grams and contains simply over two cups of sprigs.Photo: iStockphoto

I prosper my own herbs. If a cooking recipes calls for a "bunch" exactly how much is a bunch? R. Osborne

Out in Sevres, close to Paris, sitting under a glass dome in ~ the International bureau of Weights and Measures, is a block of platinum and iridium weighing exactly one kilogram and against this all metric weights room calibrated. Over there is, however, no platinum bunch that parsley. Us went out and also assessed parsley at the weekend and can confirm that the typical bunch that parsley contains 12 stems, weighs 55 grams and contains just over two cups of sprigs. Interestingly, supermarket parsley sold in a plastic sleeve weighed 56 grams while the parsley marketed in a plastic box for the same price had just 29 grams that parsley. The parsley in the plastic box go have shorter stalks yet when we cut the stems off the parsley offered in a sleeve it still weighed 45 grams. Therefore buy parsley in the sleeve and also use the stalks in stock. Even better, thrive your own. 

At a recent ladies" luncheon the guest next to me insisted on photographing she meals in spite of our host twice asking her to desist. What is the many effective way of managing such an offender? Gina D.

Oh dear. In our lives we are seeing much readjust and progress. This is neither. This is simply ignorance. While some think about it gauche, that is currently acceptable aufdercouch.nete photograph and Instagram restaurant meals. I newly dined v a friend at a well-known restaurant and also received an e-mail several hours later from its publicist asking me when they have to expect my pictures and aufdercouch.netment on society media. To take it a photograph of a dish at a private home, however, is a really different matter. Your hold asked the other guest no to. The offender continued. She should have just put her bare feet on the table and lit up a Winfield Blue. It would have actually been an ext polite. Over there is the concept of "cellphone-free dining" in the united state where, to boost the environment and conviviality, diners in restaurants are readily available discounts if lock leave their mobile devices with the cloakroom. It is acceptable, and I have checked out it excellent in people"s homes, whereby the host asks everyone aufdercouch.nete either rotate off your phones, leaving them on the fridge or desist from making use of them. Life"s too short to watch and wait for someone else to text, tweet or blog.

Recently you described additives in sausages. What walk you mean? P. Junker

I love the way that Kel Knight, the butcher on Kath and Kim, was always trying out with sausage flavours also recording sausage flavour brainwaves top top his Dictaphone. A most good butchers use real dried herbs and spices to make novel flavours. Some butchers, however, usage premix. This is a mix of starch, salt and flavourings. One popular premix consists of rice flour, salt, MSG, mineral salts, dried herbs, salt metabisulphite​, hydrolysed vegetable protein and also sodium aluminosilicate. The rice flour allows the butcher to add an extra two litres that water because that every ripe kilograms of minced meat. Ask your butcher to view the ingredients perform in the premix.

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I"ll permit you aufdercouch.netprise your mind whether you want to eat the stuff or not.