I"m three weeks post-op today. ~ above Sunday, ns took some children ice skating, and also I dropped down and broke my ideal wrist. :doh: Ouch.

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I have got some pounds back and number some of it is native swelling, yet i"m wondering just how much the cast weighs. It"s a long arm fiberglass cast. Frustrating to see weight go up when I"m complying with the rules.

(Yes, I"m right-handed and also this take it forever to type!)





Thanks because that the responses and also sympathy! I"ll go w/two pounds because that the actors then. Every small bit helps.


Try putting your arm on a scale by itself and also see what come up. Lay on the floor and also put your eight on the scale. Ns think this will certainly work since I sweet my husbands head this means before. Lol

Try putting your arm on a scale by itself and also see what come up. Place on the floor and also put your eight on the scale. Ns think this will work due to the fact that I weighed my husbands head this means before. Lol
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Food Before and also After Photos

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My surgical treatment is collection for 11/24! I began 2 years ago trying to lose weight i was at my heaviest 303 pounds. I shed 60 lbs and also gained 30 back. Ns am ready for this journey. 
I"m suffering a instance at job-related today. This dress fit comfortably snug during my pre-op diet period (last time i wore it). Today? Well...I just began Week 5 this day (sleeved 10/13). I have not lost anything on the range since around 10 days out. The doesn"t exactly bother me. I"ll take it a smaller body any day that the week! The remainder can catch up once it"s time.

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I simply finished my 2nd Bariatric support group and my Psych testimonial this morning! I have my last pre-op support group this night at 5:30. After that, I have actually my operation consultation on the 3oth that this month, then a PCP appointment to gain the letter of necessity on December 14th, and also then the nutritionist appointment on January 4th! 
Last Friday I had weight ns surgery, I had somewhat a restless night after surgery so I"m small bit Tired. Mine pain is bearable as soon as I"m in different positions i have various levels the comfort, my thoart is sore, swollen and dry but little sips the water is aid me. My diet is drink clean liquid prefer broth,Unsweetened juice , and sugar totally free jello. Also I was surprise I was not hungry, I"m simply dehydrated and thirsty.My mental stage was complete of a selection of emotions I simply undergone a complete change in mine life forever, and also Food has constantly been a lifelong friend, a companion, a anxiety reliever, and also my addiction.I quiet ask myself "Did I carry out the appropriate thing" or "What did I do to myself?" i will save you short article on just how I"m doing through my surgery.

Congratulations on your surgery! i can"t wait to hear an ext about your development & experience. Wishing you several luck & basic recovery.