Most world often skipping the prestige of in its entirety weight when they are thinking of purchase a stove. Weight is vital consideration because there room times once you require to move it around. Just how much walk a cooktop weigh?

On average, a stove that is component of a cooking variety weighs around 100 to 250 pounds. Portable stoves weigh around 5 come 20 pounds.

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A stove’s weight will count on the material it is made of, that is size, whether it is electric or gas, and the kind of cooking selection it is a component of.

Commercial stoves supplied in restaurants and food joints are considerably bigger and heavier than residential stoves. For instance, a 60-inch restaurant stove have the right to be as heavy as 800 pounds. This is much more than double the weight of a residential two-burner 30-inch stove. 

Read on come learn more about the weights that stoves, and the different varieties of stoves.

How much Does a cooktop Weigh?


A stove’s load is established by its size, material, whether it is electrical or gas, and also whether that is a part of a cooking variety or appliance. ~ above average, a stove deserve to weigh native 100 to 250 pounds. Note that portable stoves weigh much less, only around two to five pounds.

The combination of stove and also oven is the most common in United states households. In restaurants, particularly the larger ones, the supplied stoves space bigger and more comprehensive than your residential versions. Thus they are additionally much, lot heavier.

Whatever and also wherever they room used, the cooktop weight varies widely because of their range of sizes. The typical weight the convection stove/oven combos through sizes ranging from 24 to 30 inches is around 128 pounds.

A restaurant stove with a broad of 60 inches have the right to weigh as much as 800 pounds. That is much more than twin the weight of 2 residential stoves that are 30-inch vast each. Portable ovens, especially those with solitary burners, room the lightest. They have the right to weigh just about 5 lbs.

Different types of Stoves and also Their Weight

Cooking stoves are obtainable in countless styles and sizes. There room residential species and commercial type stoves. Due to the wide variety of sizes, styles, and also features, you have to classify stoves based on some of this elements.

This segment is done to aid consumers quickly determine the details stove that will accomplish their needs. Stoves can be classified follow to your type, several burners, surface, and features. We will certainly now comment on these divide in detail.

According to kind of warm Source:

1. Gas

There space many benefits to making use of gas stoves. Lock can give instant heat and provide fast heating due to the fact that their flames room stable and powerful. You likewise have complete control in cooking your food by elevating or lowering the cooking temperature.

There’s not much worry around burning the food if you use gas food preparation stoves. Their average weight arrays from 100 come 250 pounds. The load of solitary burner portable stoves starts from 5 pounds.

2. Induction

Use one induction oven if you desire a faster food preparation time. This is pricier than ordinary gas cooktops, however it offers additional advantages. Because that example, the warmth it produces is transferred directly to the pot or pan.

Unlike gas and electric stoves whereby the entirety stove heats up, just the surface ar in call with the pan gets warm in induction stoves. The typical weight of induction stoves is in between 100 come 250 pounds. A portable single burner induction stove weighs an median of 5 to 8 pounds.

3. Electric

Electric stoves have additionally been around for rather some time. Castle are also a great choice for households due to the fact that of their reasonably low price. Among their benefits is the you don’t should ignite the burner to start cooking.

When you connect it come the source of electricity and switch the burner on, its heating facet will begin heating the food you space cooking. This stoves are additionally easy come clean because there is no gas residue left top top the top.

The median weight of electrical stoves and oven combos is 128 pounds. Portable solo heaters weigh just from 5 come 10 pounds.

4. Oven Ranges

These stovetop/oven combos room the most common kind of cooking appliance in most households in the joined States. They deserve to be either electrical or gas or a combination of both. Many of them have actually weights that variety from 100 come 250 pounds.

The load of a an essential cooking range will be around 100 come 130 pounds. It can have three or 4 burners ~ above the top. This type of burner will not have any type of smart modern technology among that is features yet only the an essential elements the will permit you to cook, heat, and bake food.

The mean standard cooktop oven combos sweet from 130 come 220 pounds. As range ranges boost in size and also features, they will certainly naturally gain bigger, heavier, and also pricier.

High-end commercial food preparation ranges can be as hefty as 500 pounds. Castle have an ext burners in ~ the top and smarter functions that add to their weights.

5. Timber Stoves

Another form of food preparation stove is a lumber stove. A wood oven basically offers wood together its fuel come heat and cook food. Aside from wood, it is also capable of burning wood-derived biomass fuel like bricks make of sawdust.

This kitchen appliance is developed of a solid metal enclosure or firebox lined with fire brick and one or 2 air controllers. Timber stoves additionally differ follow to your builder and model.

How lot does a wood stove weigh? The in its entirety mass the an average wood stove deserve to come to around 300 pounds. However that have the right to go greater depending top top the size and also materials of the stove.

The more heavier the wood stove weight, the more mass it will certainly have and also the much more heat it have the right to produce. In various other words, the more heavier a wood cooktop is, the much more efficient is that is heating and also cooking capability.

Weight that Stoves through Different variety of Burners

1. Solitary Burners

Single burner stoves room the smallest and also the lightest the all food preparation stoves. Castle are mainly used by campers and those who love to spend time outdoors. Most of these room gas-powered. Their mean weight starts native 5 pounds.

2. Double or 2 Burners

Double burner stoves space usually stand-alone, definition they exist on your own. They space used greatly by family members with minimal kitchen space. These stoves are put on standard height tables to offer them stability while they space being used for cooking.

They could be either electric or gas-powered. This stoves space also secondary option because that those who have actually a key cooking selection but still require extra food preparation stoves. The average weights of twin burners variety from 7 come 8 pounds.

3. 4 Burners

Cooktops through 4 burners room the many common kind of food preparation stoves in households in the unified States. Together such, they are the kind of stove/oven combo that has actually the most options available. The dimension of this cooking stove provides enough cooking space.

With this type of stove, friend will be able to cook different meals and dishes simultaneously. The mean weight that 4 burner cooking stoves varieties from 100 to 250 pounds.

4. 5 Burners

Cooktops with 5 burners are right for those trying to find extra cooking space, yet their kitchen area is limited. The extra burner can provide the added cooking an are to warmth up or to produce an extra meal.

They are frequently induction or gas-powered. Electric 5 burners are daunting to find. Through the extra burner, their mean weight goes up a little more. The could selection from 130 to 300 pounds.

5. 6 Burners

Professional chefs who usually revolve out countless dishes every time they chef need enlarge cooktops. The average size cooktop that they use is those v 6 burners. These burners can also be discovered in households of huge families and those who choose to game in your homes.

Their median size is much bigger 보다 cooktops with four burners. So you will require a the majority of kitchen room to right this kind of cooktop. With an ext burners top top the top, the typical weight that 6 burner food preparation stoves arrays from 200 to 325 pounds or even more.

Again, just how much does a range weigh? A stove’s weight counts on several factors, including size, material, and type. In general, a range weighs between 100 come 250 pounds (lbs), while a portal cooktop weighs in between 2 to 5 pounds (lbs).

According to kind of Surface:

1. Gas

Gas burners have the oldest surface kind of cooktops. Typically, the burners are collection in place by their assembly. And also then over there is a cover plate that hides all the gas tubes and parts underneath.

Lastly, the metal structure or assistance holds or carries the weight of the pots and pans while cooking is walking on. The weight of stoves with gas burners depends on the number of burners it has actually on the top.

2. Smooth

Stoves that have actually smooth tops are additionally known as “radiant cooktops.” Their an excellent advantage is that you have the right to clean castle easily. They occupational by conducting power through the heating elements that are situated underneath the smooth ceramic top.


Some of these cooktops have actually only one solitary burner. Others have actually as countless as 4 or five burners. The weight of stoves with gas burners depends on the variety of burners it has on the top.

3. Coil

Cooktops it is provided by electrical energy have electric coils as their food preparation element. Lock are very durable and also are an extremely efficient in providing the temperature because that heating and cooking. The coils conduct electrical energy when the stove is plugged in.

These coils are solid because they are made to support the pan or pan’s weight and also its materials while cooking. The variety of coils in ~ the optimal will recognize the load of the electrical cooktop.

Aside from this classifications, an additional aspect is offered to specify the type of food preparation stoves. This extr element is the distinguishing feature the each oven offers. 

These features do not really have actually much effect on the full weight of the respective cooking stoves. Nevertheless, friend still must know around them because you might find several of these functions to it is in what you need or want from a food preparation stove the you room thinking of buying.

Other features That You deserve to Use to Classify Stoves

1. Overhead Hood

The steam and smoke released while girlfriend are food preparation will be drawn to the hood so the they i will not ~ spread approximately in her kitchen and your house.

2. Automatic Re-Ignition

There room times once the fire from the burner will go out. Climate you need to re-ignite the flame to continue cooking. Some cooktops immediately re-ignite the burner, no to need to worry around the flame burning out.

3. Downdraft Extractor

This is an choice for those that don’t desire overhead hoods on their cooktops. This extractor supplies a ventilation system constructed directly into the oven itself, i beg your pardon draws far smoke and vapor while cooking.

4. Digital Touch Controls

It is much simpler to push a button instead of turning or advertise a knob to begin cooking. This is the convenience offered by cooktops through digital control. All you have to do is push the matching temperature or time required to chef something.

5. LED Display

Convenience is the greatest benefit of a cooktop v a LED display. This type of cooktop will enable you to view the temperature and time when you room busy doing another thing. No an ext overcooking or burn of food through this type of stove.

6. Security Features

Fire is a hazard, also if it deserve to be offered for heating and cooking. So, if you room concerned about the safety and security of her family, you can consider stove cooktops the have features that will automatically switch off when cooking is finished or a heater to revolve off by itself once needed.

Conclusion: What Is the median Stove Weight?

On average, stoves that space a component of cooking ranges can weigh in between 100 and 250 pounds. A stove’s load will count on its size, the material it is make of, even if it is it is electric or gas, and whether it is a part of a cooking range.

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Portable stoves, being stand-alone units, are much less heavy. They normally weigh indigenous 5 come 10 pounds, again depending upon their make, the variety of stoves ~ above top, and their style.

Again, here are the varieties of stoves according to the warm source:

GasInductionElectricOven RangesWood Stoves

As we disputed earlier, stoves can also be classified follow to the variety of burners (e.g., single, double, etc.). Also, they can be classified according to the form of surface: