Fans are eagerly wait for the return that the us TV reality series Braxton family Values. Yet one person who wouldn’t mind if the show did no return is Tamar Braxton. The Love & War singer has actually expressed she frustration with the network and the production agency over the show for allegedly implanting drama. She is now alleging that her family members is underpaid, making means less 보다 the Kardashian family.

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Tamar Braxton states The Kardashians earn 75% much more than her household for their truth show

Braxton household Values has been a hit due to the fact that its 2011 premiere on us TV. The show has been attributed for putting the network ~ above the map and is the longest-running reality collection featuring an african American cast. But according to Braxton, their paychecks don’t complement their worth.

In a collection of tweets, Braxton blasted us TV, claiming lock lowball her household financially – when citing the Kardashian household on E! together a reference.

“Are we going come talk around pay… i 100 percent created the template song…where is the coin…our show is ~ above Netflix… whereby is the coin…10 years on The air…we do 75 percent much less than the Kardashians. How come there space no villains on that show,” the youngest Braxton sibling asked.

Are we going to talk around pay…. Ns 100 percent composed the layout song… whereby is the coin… our show is top top Netflix…. Whereby is the coin… 10 year on The air… us make 75 percent less than the kardashians. How come there are no villains ~ above that show

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She ongoing airing she frustrations, accusing the network the improperly modifying the show and also drumming up the drama for ratings. Fans’ comments poured in, noting the the rigid of the series has drastically changed from that lighthearted start – to at this time showing the family members at continuous war with one another. Braxton blames the network because that its portrayal of her family.

“It used to it is in funny and also fun. Yet some will say well you actually stated or did the an adverse things. True yet now true. That the context. And that’s why they execute it. To ruin your credibility,” she wrote.

Tamar Braxton previously complained about production and also We TV over ‘Braxton family members Values’

This isn’t the first time Tamr has slammed her tv home. In 2017, she famously boycotted the series, appearing in minimal illustration throughout season 6. Through the second fifty percent of the season, the only sister who filmed was Traci ~ the rest of the household opted to strike, citing salary inequity and also issues v production. Friend of Traci’s were hired as fill-ins till the sisters returned.

Tamar has likewise accused the network that blocking various other television opportunities. In 2016, she announced the she signed a address Steve Harvey because that a talk show. There to be no progression on the show, v Tamar citing contractual duties with us TV.

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Her second spinoff, Get your Life, has likewise not to be a go in the park. Collection to waiting this fall, Tamar has been open about her suspicion for the display to air, explaining the she fears the present will be edited to paint her in a negative light.

In a June 2020 interview through Nick Cannon, Tamar admitted she no longer enjoys filming the show, explaining that her family members has been torn apart at times together a an outcome of the series.

What’s her #1 household value? capture an all new episode that #BFV this evening at 9pm top top Wetv!

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I nothing feel favor you obtain anything positive from the – a the majority of arguing and fighting and also shenanigans and also it’s no what my parents raised and designed for our family. And also I think what the turned into, what you view on television is absolutely not other I want to was standing by…if you’re not gonna call the real story…the ups and also downs but likewise the resolve…if girlfriend can display the chaos, the resolve, and also the success climate you have a true American Black household story.

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Tamar Braxton, Nick Cannon Mornings

The brand-new season that Braxton family Values is collection to air this fall. The family members did take a year break from filming to focus on rebuilding your relationships v one another after the explosive season finale and also the unexpected death of a household member.