Fresh celery in her diet has limitless benefits to your health and wellness in the type of promoting the bone’s health and also fulfilling the nutrients demanded of your body.

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Celery is a low-calorie vegetable that is composed of a substantial amount of water along with loads that antioxidants and fibres. Every bite that celery sticks contains well-off vitamins favor K and also minerals, which every are famous for bone metabolism and regulation of blood calcium levels

Finding and also buying this nutritious rich, fresh celery has end up being more difficult than its cost. But, still, there is lot of a gap in between the pricing and also cost the celery assets due come the short supply of celery in the market.

High demand for celery disturbs the industry cost and causes the instability the the price of celery. Many human being are prescribed to add celery in their diet setup as a salad item but they wonder how much does celery cost?

That’s why, I develop this overview on the cost of fresh celery, sticks/stalks, roots, and also juice the celery. 

Let’s obtain started.

Before relocating to the expense of celery, acquire a tiny touch ~ above the nutritional value of celery and also its benefits on human being health. That might help you in thinking over the expense of celery.

Nutritional value/cost the celery

Celery in any kind of form, fresh, sticks, roots, or juice, is completely packed with high nutrients and also minerals. Gift a low-calorie food, celery has actually a high value amongst salad items especially for cultivating health.

Celery consists high amounts of:

AntioxidantsFibersVitamin KMinerals

All of these vitamins and minerals assist a lot in promoting the bone’s health and metabolism activity. (source)

Vitamin K current in the celery helps a lot in the regulation of calcium levels.

How much does celery cost?

Fresh celery costs around $1.5 come $ 2.0 per pound. The costs can vary because of fresh or save on computer celery forms.

How lot does organic celery cost?

Organic celery costs approximately 3$ every bunch. organic celery has method more benefits in the type of high nutrition and also minerals.

How lot does celery root cost?

Celery root cost virtually 3$ to 6$ per bunch. The celery is totally organic and has rich nutrients.

How much does celery cost per pound?

Celery costs approximately 1.5$ to 2$ every pound. This expense is for the stalks that celery after ~ removing the leaves.

How lot does a bunch the celery cost?

A bunch that celery costs approximately 2.7$ come 3$ per bunch. The bunch of celery has leaves attached to the stalks of celery.

How numerous cups in a pound of celery?

A lb of celery is same to the four cups that chopped celery. The chopped celery is oftenly supplied as the salad item.

How lot is a bunch of celery?

A bunch of celery written of 8 to 9 medium ribbed stalks the weighs roughly 1 pound.

A single medium rib the celery stalk weighs roughly 1.75 come 2 ounces that equals 49.6 to 56.7 grams.


How is celery consumed?

In addition to the versatile wellness benefits, celery has versatility in consumption too. That’s why the is sometimes called a versatile veggie.

Commonly the leaves are consumed with eating leaves in salad.

Celery is eaten as life or can be cooked, i m sorry would, the course, add the smoothies and also taste to the celery.

Celery is spend in the type of:


The celery stalks can be enjoyed as crisp or have the right to be chopped to do their ar in the fresh salad v romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and croutons.

Celery has a delicious taste as soon as stuffed with peanut butter and dried fruits prefer raisins.

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No matter, in which form you consumed, celery confirmed unbelievable services to health.