If you"re analysis this, opportunities are you have a trusty new bong. But, she not rather sure just how much water you need to be placing in her bong before smoking it. Fear not: you’ve pertained to the right place, and also we’ll show you the quickest and also easiest means to uncover the perfect water level! Learning how much water you need to put in a bong is important-- that the only way you can fully enjoy the cool and filtered smoke lock produce. Bongs come in all various shapes and also sizes, so smoking your bong there is no the right water level have the right to be a large drag (see what us did there?).

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Whether she a bong smoking cigarettes pro or just learning exactly how to smoke a bong, there’s always more to learn. Read on come learn just how to uncover the perfect water level because that your new bong.

This post was to update on January 3, 2019 with brand-new information and water pipes!

What’s the Perfect lot of Water because that My Bong?


Let’s gain down to brass tacks: exactly how much water should you put in a simple straight pipe bong? The quick answer: just enough for the downstem and its slits to be totally submerged in water. If the downstem on her water pipeline does not have actually slits, climate make sure that the bottom of the downstem is around a fifty percent inch or so into the water. Feel free to add much more water if friend prefer-- as long as no water reaches her mouth when you inhale.

How much Water should I placed in a Perc Bong?


The perfect lot of water for her bong can change based ~ above its size. So, what if you have a large scientific bong v multiple percs and also chambers? The idea remains exactly the same-- you require to include enough water to submerge all of the various perc openings. For example, if her bong has actually a procession perc and also an inline perc, climate both of them must be submerged in water. This action ensures that you’re taking full advantage of the bong’s filtration!

How execute I fill a Bong with Water?

Now that you know exactly how much water to put in a bong, we’ll describe how you do it. Believe it or not, filling your bong up v water the wrong means can an outcome in fairly a mess.


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Filling simple Beaker or straight Tube Bongs with Water

For simple bongs that only have actually a downstem, the water filling process is easy. Simply pour the water through the mouthpiece (on top) right into the base, till the downstem is submerged in water. If girlfriend prefer, you deserve to remove the downstem, and pour water in through the stem.


Filling a Perc Bong v Water

When your bong has multiple percolators or chambers, that can acquire a bit an ext complicated. As we discussed before, the idea is to submerge the bottom of every percolator in water. So, the best means to go around doing this is pouring water in the mouthpiece, so that the water flows under to the percs ~ above the bottom. If the water doesn’t quite make it down, shot blowing v the mouthpiece to push the thin down to the reduced percs, or (lightly) tilting the bong sideways.

The Finishing Touches

After the water has settled, make sure that every one of the percs space submerged. If not, girlfriend can always add much more water indigenous the optimal to submerge the percs in the optimal chambers. If girlfriend accidentally overfill a chamber, merely tilt the bong to move the water to the bottom, and also then dump it out of the bottom of the bong. You can likewise fill up the stem the the bong through water native the joint, quite than the top.

What does the Bong Water Do?


The water is what enables your bong to give the smooth, cool hits that you love for this reason much. It helps to filter out a most the harmful toxin in her dry herbs. The bong water additionally cools under the smoke, making the inhaling process a lot smoother. Some smokers like ice cold water, and others prefer heat water. In ~ Toker Supply, we recommend using just water, as other liquids deserve to clog her bong and also make it dirty.

Why go the Water Level in a Bong Matter?

Like we said before, the level that water in a bong deserve to make a huge difference for your smoking experience. With the perfect water level, you deserve to enjoy cool and also filtered smoke, and also easily traction the smoke with the water. When there’s too lot water in her bong, your lungs need to work a lot more difficult to pull the smoke through. Friend may additionally run the danger of gaining water in your mouth. ~ above the upper and lower reversal side, not having enough water way you aren’t acquisition full benefit of the bong’s filtration and percolators.

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