“How long do you intend your retwist to last?”— ns asked this question to end a hundred civilization with locs and all the answers to be different. Part measured their retwist in main while rather measured that by the variety of workouts. One solution that yes, really stood out to me was— “my hair should grow from mine scalp locked”.

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ns laugh, yet it is not funny how typical this id is. So, once and for all, let’s malfunction the myth of the everlasting retwist…

How lengthy should her retwist really Last?

Before we have the right to even talk about the lasting effects of a retwist let’s be clear around the technique. A retwist is intended to assist shape the source area of hair into condensed, rope-like, cylindrical sections of hair. ns should also note that also without retwisting locs will still form— therefore freeform locs— but they space often level or misshapen . So now that we understand what the objective of retwisting is – to shape – let’s obtain into its longevity.


myth: her retwist need to last because that 4+ weeks.

For most textures, at ideal your retwist might last for 2 weeks. And by “last” I typical stay together, without unraveling and/or loosening in ~ the roots. Prior to you start shaking your head, recognize that this is a common id when cultivating locs from a holistic technique to hair locking. Top top the other hand, if girlfriend ask a loctician that cultivates locs from a stylistic approach they will likely tell you the a retwist must last 4+ weeks. Which is feasible but the types of assets to do that occur often cause extreme buildup.

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Have girlfriend ever thought about that the belief that her roots must stay in ar for 4+ main is a byproduct that European standards of beauty? Think around it— our hair is textured —it has curls, coils, kinks and waves that execute not desire to simply lay flat. And yet somehow we’ve been made to believe that “laid” hair is the typical so we have to purchase “tight hold” and also “no frizz” products to subdue our hair. I spoke more about this id in among our weekly live “Q&A with A Loctician” sessions title “The Everlasting Retwist”.

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how to address your retwist no lasting

Instead of working versus your natural hair, you have the right to work through your hair and also learn to achieve longer-lasting retwists not with product, that suffocates the hair and also scalp, however with technique. Discovering clip organization, compression styling, and grooming are simply a few simple yet impactful approaches of loc farming that don’t cause harm and support a (reasonably) lasting retwist.

With the said, ns encourage you not to end up being frustrated v your retwist unraveling or loosening in ~ the roots— it’s natural. Instead empower you yourself to to trust the process, recognize that patience is required and also know that you’re not alone…we’re constantly growing v these stages.

In the comments, I would love come hear exactly how long your typical retwist lasts!

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