I really favor vampires. There is just something about these exorbitant creatures. They’re mysterious and of course, they room sexy. So, because that this blog, ns have decided that ns would offer you 5 ways to act like a vampire …

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5 try Not come Blink a Lot

If you really desire to act favor a vampire, then it is crucial that you shot not come blink a lot. Perform you check out vampires blinking? apart from this, friend could also stare at world – that one is totally up to you.

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4 bring Interesting Things

I don’t understand why, yet vampires constantly seemed to bring things that were interesting. Try an neck looking sketchbook, a swiss army knife and also a vital as a necklace.


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3 like Blood

What execute vampires yes, really like? They favor blood! Therefore, if you space looking come act like a vampire, girlfriend will should like blood. Of course, friend don’t want to eat it, however you do need to like it.


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2 Use ancient and unusual Sentences

For example, shot some words such as: irrelevant, abysmal and inevitable. If girlfriend are good at law a Romanian accent, then try that too.


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1 it is in Mysterious

Remember that you space no longer a human. Girlfriend will should be and also act in a mysterious manner. However, in ~ the same time, you have to be friendly and relaxed. Learn how to gain the vampire attitude down complied with by the other 5 tips I have actually included above and you will certainly really have world thinking you room a vampire.

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Those room 5 methods to act choose a vampire. So, if you want to be prefer a vampire, you should definitely give these a try. Remember, this is going come take part practice, unless, of course, you room a vampire. So, what space some methods you would like to include to this list?

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