There are many ways to present your music top top Youtube. Once I began out together a media composer I simply picked a photo, included my music to it and also rendered it as a video. Yeh, that does the job. It’s ok, but let’s be moral … it’s fairly boring to look at. Yet hold on, Synthesia can readjust your life!

So stop get an innovative today. And also see just how you come indigenous a single photo video with music come an amazing piano roll synthesia music video clip in minutes.

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Youtube tutorial

I currently created a youtube accuse explaining exactly how to develop these amazing music videos. Yet if you’re more text-minded, keep reading on!

How to create awesome Synthesia piano roll music videos

What you need to produce Synthesia music videos

These three things are the just thing friend need.

First of every you’ll require Synthesia. Which is a software regimen that can aid you discover to beat the piano. You can shot it the end for free. You deserve to download it here.

Secondly, girlfriend will require some kind of software application to document your screen and also edit videos. I use Screenflow for display recording and also editing, yet if she on a chop budget and also you’re working on a Mac. QuickTime for display screen recording and also imovie for editing will perform the task for you.

Third and last, you’ll need a MIDI version of your music track. You probably know already how to execute that. Girlfriend can quickly export a MIDI version out that Apple’s logic or any other DAW.

Let’s create: follow this basic roadmap

Open Synthesia and also start including your MIDI files. Click settings, song and then the plus symbol. Find the folder on your computer where you keep your MIDI papers and add it. Go ago to the opening screen.

When you go to pat a song you’ll watch your MIDI tracks in the list. Pick the one friend want and also press continue.

At this moment you have to start your screen recording software. Simply record your screen, no audio. We will include the audio, actually the music track, later on in the process.

When you’ve began your screen recording, press continue in Synthesia and also start the Piano role animation. Gain the fallout’s MIDI blocks. Girlfriend gotta love those MIDI blocks. I surely love those MIDI blocks!

When the animation has ended, you can stop the display recording and save it. Now open your video clip editing software program and add the display screen recording, a lift picture, her music document and produce (if girlfriend like) part title blocks.

You need to make 2 adjustments in ~ this point.

First you need to change the opacity that the display recording or background picture (depends on i beg your pardon is positioned in ~ the foreground). Readjust this setup to your demands so both room visible and blend in nice.

Secondly you have to sync the MIDI blocks through your music. If castle aren’t synced well, that kinda look at stupid. Duh … uncover the exact position whereby the MIDI block touch the piano role for the very first time. In ~ that minute your music track requirements to start. Check if they space synced correctly.

And that’s it! You’re ready to render your first awesome Synthesia music video!

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