Play Online: use Boxmen

Two success & 35 points come earn!Plays Well through Others challenge – complete level 8Sacrifice because that the cause Badge (easy – 5 points) – Level 3 completedFriends with Benefits argorial (hard – 30 points) – Level 13 completed

Use Boxmen .Walkthrough (SOL / conserve File) – all Levels CompletedDownload Link: usage Boxmen .SOL Save paper All 13 level CompletedCopy and also paste the save file at C:Documents and Settings\%username%Application DataMacromediaFlash Player#SharedObjects\%randomLetterAndNumber%chat.kongregate.comgamez 0004 8761liveUse_Boxmen_kong_.swfCopy and paste the save paper at C:Users\%username%AppDataRoamingMacromediaFlash Player#SharedObjects\%randomLetterAndNumber%chat.kongregate.comgamez 0004 8761liveUse_Boxmen_kong_.swf

Instructions– girlfriend COPY what you are doing, when you do them.– change to do friends– arrowhead keys to run/duck/jump

Use Boxmen WalkthroughUse Boxmen 2 Walkthrough alternative Solution – Think outside the box

Use Boxmen (Game through Greg Sergeant) message Comments through SiGimLevel 1: BeginningsJump to the platform with trees.Jump come the platform with a box.

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Level 2: SpecialMake a friend at the button.Level 3: double JumpJump and also make a friend close to the lower platform.Level 4: low CeilingsRun to the switch.Make a friend as soon as the eco-friendly boxman is under the upper platform.Level 5: ControlMake a friend beside the move (left).Make an additional friend running towards the girlfriend made before.Level 6: Energetic ThingsMake a friend alongside the strength generator (right).Make a girlfriend running in between the friend made before and also a wall.Jump onto another platform quickly.Level 7: A backward G, In Honour the MeMake a crouching friend near the right end of peak platform of backward G.Jump under from the left side and also make a friend once the eco-friendly boxman falls.Level 8: TimingKeep pressing ‘right’ and also make a friend close to the second lowest sets of spikes on the ideal side.Level 9: 15 an individual GuidesMake friends to check if there are gaps.Make girlfriend to mark platforms.Level 10: RaceMake a friend at the left end of top much longer platform.Make a crouching girlfriend at each end of top shorter platform.Stand beside rightmost friend. Do a running friend as soon as possible.Level 11: high Chairs.Make a crouching girlfriend at the right end of leftmost plaform.Make a crouching girlfriend at each of the four pillars.Jump down from leftmost plaform and make a friend to the ideal side.Generate strength by running roughly the generator quickly.Level 12: Co-OrdinationStand close to the left gate and make a running friend to the right side.Release the switch when the right end moving communication ‘touches’ left spike that the 3 spikes.Jump and also touch the switch on the ceiling.Press one more button when the girlfriend clear the gate.

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Level 13: Time and also SpaceNotes for ‘dead’ gates: X way On, O method Off.Open two doors by making two friends. Do a friend on best button. Currently XXOOXMake a friend on each finish of top left plaform. Make a to run friend between them.Left switch: Left → OXOXX, best XXOOXLeft move Left + ideal switch Left OXOXOLeft switch Left + best switch appropriate OOOXXLeft switch ideal + right switch Left XXOOOLeft switch best + right switch appropriate XOOOXMaking a girlfriend running indigenous the appropriate side and also now control the best switch so XXOOO then OOOXX.Level 14Go come the communication on the ideal where over there is a house.Walk within the house. Then jump up and down inside the house.To end up the critical level(14) you need to jump ~ above the roof that the house!!! or inside XD