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your opinion problem to us and also will aid us develop a better experience. your opinion matters to us and also will assist us produce a better experience.
I simply received this (Dec 27th 2018) and there are NO INSTRUCTIONS almost everywhere - no in the package, no on the bottles (as one Q&A on here suggested), and also not online. How am I supposed to use it if i can’t find any instructions?!? i guess I’m sending out it back!This is the 2nd BearPaw product i have sent back this season since of negative communication top top summary or in the packaging. Very disappointed...although ns loved my first pair. This is frustrating as soon as buying because that my kids!
I just received this (Dec 27th 2018) and there room NO INSTRUCTIONS all over - not in the package, not on the party (as one Q&A on below suggested), and not online. Just how am I supposed to usage it if ns can’t find any type of instructions?!? ns guess I’m sending out it back!This is the 2nd BearPaw product i’ve sent back this season due to the fact that of negative communication top top description or in the packaging. Really disappointed...although ns loved my very first pair. This is frustrating when buying because that my kids!
nice product selection. The rain and also stain protector is the same size as the smell refresher and also the cleaner. You additionally get a brush. The price is fairly reasonable. The problem is the rain and stain protector can have to be 4 oz. Bigger and also the various other two party each 2 oz. Much less to compensate. A yes, really nice benefit is the assets are no disgusting smell or toxic smelling. The ingredients noted on the rain and stain protector it seems ~ pretty safe-to me, mine opinion only. I have actually not looked at the other bottles" ingredient yet. The brush is a pretty touch, however bet it will be of many use to help disguise a stain. I would recommend the kit.
I offered this on a pair of an extremely light tan colored desert boots. I permitted the cleaner to dry for 3 days then talked about them with the rubber eraser and also brush. The stains from Cat food oil were entirely gone and also the boots looked brand new again.This is one mainly kit. I have actually never seen a product the was this reliable at restoring suede to brand-new quality.I will usage this kit often, ns am certain in the future. One of the ideal investments ns have ever before made.
yes, really didn"t favor anything about this "kit." There were no instructions inside package on on the small spray bottles. Then i turned over the brown crate they arrived in and also saw castle on the earlier of the box. Could they not simply put in a piece of file with that information on it? And...the worst part was I provided the cleaner on one more pair the boots ns had, same material as bearpaws, and it stained lock - they space brown. Therefore no, I would not recommend the overpriced kit.
NOTHING choose the product photo. This look fake, and the label on the middle bottle has a bump in it, together though it to be poorly put on by hand. Returning.
NOTHING prefer the product photo. This look fake, and the label on the middle bottle has actually a bump in it, as though it to be poorly placed on by hand. Returning.
We have invested in 3 pair of Bearpaw boots because that our teenager daughter and was not able to obtain the salt off and also I have actually to shot a 3rd another cleaning. Ns didn"t like how much the shipping was and also didn"t establish it to be $8 which to be almost fifty percent the expense of the product. The directions aren"t very informative and I have actually no idea which part of the brush come use. I require readers come read and also their have to be composed instructions for each bottle in package not just on the bottle.I simply learned Woolite works just as good.Thank you!
I have actually dark point out on the optimal where the foot is on my brand brand-new bearpaws because I provided the pump spray for water & stain repellent. It seems while ns was pumping away with the spray that was likewise leaking & drips fall on the foot area. I confirm & the cap was tight & ns did not over spray.... The been several days & the drips did no dry and go away.....
had actually my boyfriend use the waterproof spray on mine boots reason it didn"t come with instructions & it worked amazingly. I"m not jumping in pool or anything but a tiny rain acquired on them acquiring into the truck and it didn"t hurt them. As soon as you perform spray them through the waterproof spray, lock will turn a darker color however will dry earlier the original color. Just provide it 24 hours. Additionally make sure to do also spays and coat the whole boot. I just wish they were bigger. Kinda pricey for only being able to carry out 1 cloak on each boot......And NO INSTRUCTIONS.

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