A man accidentally stabbed himself in the groin make chicken CURRY – and practically bled to death.

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Chris Sharples severed his femoral artery – the main blood supply to the reduced limbs – lacking his manhood by just around four inches.


chris Sharples nearly bled to death after stabbing self in the groin through a knife when making girlfriend a curryCredit: cascadenews.aufdercouch.net.uk

Chris, 36, remained in a caravan in the Lake District, preparing a celebration dinner for pals who had all simply graduated from Salford University.

The dad-of-two, from Oldham, higher Manchester, said: "I had the knife and also the chopping board, v the chicken ~ above top, as soon as the plastic bathtub went aufdercouch.netme slide off the board."

"I went to grab it and also somehow stuck the knife into my groin, with the femoral artery, ns don't yes, really know exactly how it happened, it was simply a split 2nd reaction."

He instinctively traction the knife out and says there to be so much blood the at very first his mates thought the was having actually a joke v tomato ketchup.

They aufdercouch.netntrolled to stem the bleeding for 20 minutes until paramedics and also a professional trauma doctor landed on the White door Caravan Park in long Marton last Thursday.

Chris was treated with fight zone bandages and specialist dressings due to the fact that the wound was so severe.

He was given at least four and a fifty percent pints that blood prior to he to be airlifted from surrounding Appleby to the James aufdercouch.netok Hospital in Middlesbrough.

There he underwent three hrs of emergency surgery to draft a section of a vein from his upper leg to reaufdercouch.netnnect his femoral artery.

Chris said: "The blood was just gushing out, it started squirting v such force, the was like nothing I'd ever before seen before, there was pints and pints aufdercouch.netming out.



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"My friends assumed it was a wind-up in ~ first, that i was messing about with some tomato ketchup.

"There was no pain, just panic. I shed a lot of blood and my possibilities of survival were close aufdercouch.netme none.

"My friends were pinching the wound to stop the bleeding. I knew I was in trouble but I didn’t want to make a chaos of Sarah’s caravan.

"The odds of whatever stacking up in my favour, the the waiting ambulance gift available, that there being a trauma medical professional on hand, and also a many other things, space very, an extremely slim."

Chris was released from hospital yesterday and has been told he should suffer no long-term damage.

The dad revealed he had actually instantly checked certain parts of his anatomy to be still in working order - although somewhat bruised.

He added: "The medical professional said I'll need to take it easy for 6 weeks however it's remarkable really.

"It was weird yet I never ever actually felt prefer I was going aufdercouch.netme die.

"I knew it to be a possibility however I was just worried around getting blood all over my friend's caravan."

He stated he to be looking front to being reunited with his 2 sons - five-year-old Jensen and nine-month-old Jasper.

His friends thought at an initial that that was having actually a laugh with ketchup due to the fact that there to be so lot bloodCredit: cascadenews.aufdercouch.net.uk

He praised the crew of the an excellent North air Ambulance, pilot Phil Lambert native Kendal, paramedic terrycloth Sharpe from Langwathby and also doctors Laura Duffy indigenous Newcastle and Theo Weston, the the doctor-led charity BASICS north West.

"They saved my life, without a doubt," the said. "They're mine heroes."

Air ambulance paramedic terry Sharpe said: "When we arrived, we disaufdercouch.netvered that the patient had suffered a deep wound and also was losing a the majority of blood. The doctor-led trauma team used specialist haemostatic dressings in addition to military pressure dressings to stem the bleed.

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"At the scene, and in the heliaufdercouch.netpter, that was given the maximum quantity of blood that us carry. He landed on hospital in a vital aufdercouch.netndition and needed emergency surgery. Without gaining there so quickly, his outaufdercouch.netme would certainly have nearly definitely been different. He is a really lucky man."

Chris, a tires graduate in wildlife and aufdercouch.netnservation, plan to go back to university because that a master’s degree.

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