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hotmail.com)Table of Contents1. Epona The Horse2. Acquiring Epona3. What Epona can Do4. Secrets5. Disclaimer----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Epona The HorseEpona is Link"s horse in the game. Using her, you deserve to travel aroundthe soil of Hyrule much quicker. Though getting her is not such an easytask, however it is if you understand what come do.----------------------------------------------------------------------------2. Gaining EponaTo acquire Epona, very first visit Lon Lon Ranch as a child. Speak to the girlin the field, Malon and also then organize out her ocarina. Malon will then teachyou Epona"s Song. (Up C, Left C, right C, up C, Left C, right C)Go ago to Lon Lon Ranch once you"re an adult and also then you will certainly seethat Ingo has taken over. Talk to Ingo and also he"ll sell you time come ride ahorse. Salary the Rupees necessary and ride Epona. Speak to her by playing Epona"sSong and she"ll pertained to you. Ride around and waste the time, then when yourtime"s up, talk to Ingo again and also pay the the Rupees again. Play Epona"sSong as soon as again and Epona will come to you again. After ~ climbing up on her,talk come Ingo and also he"ll talk about you becoming better and he"ll challengeyou to a tiny race. Bet the Rupees and prepare come race.The first race isn"t as well hard. In ~ the begining, Ingo will shot tosmash friend up versus the wall, do you go slower, however use around 3 carrotsand zoom front of him. Just keep a steady pace through using just 1 carrot.If you carry out so, you will certainly win.Ingo will then complain and say that if friend beat him again girlfriend cankeep Epona. This time the race is a bit harder. Ingo will do the very same thing,try to smash you against the wall, but use about 4 carrots and also race aheadof him. He will certainly be best behind you at times, however block the from takingthe lead. In this race, use around 3 or 4 carrots to continue to be in the lead.When you win, congratulations, Epona is yours, but Ingo won"t letyou gain out the the ranch. To gain out, just use around 3 carrots and jumpover the wall. If you carry out it correctly, you will certainly be in Hyrule Field!----------------------------------------------------------------------------3. What Epona can DoMostly Epona have the right to make friend go approximately Hyrule faster. She helps a lotwhen you need to do the Biggoron knife trading sequence. When you desire toget over a small fence, simply speed increase a bit and also she"ll hop over. That"sabout it.----------------------------------------------------------------------------4. SecretsPlay Epona"s track in prior of a cow and the cow will provide you freeLon Lon Milk!If you great to carry out some more racing, head ago to Lon Lon Ranch aftergetting Epona and you"ll view that it is when again peaceful. Speak to Malon,who is in former of every the steeds in your pen, and she"ll talk to friend abouthaving Epona. Then she"ll say that she"ll provide you other if friend winher little obstacle course. You need to beat that in 49 seconds.The obstacle food isn"t the easy. Use carrots to jump end thelarger fences and speed increase only as soon as necessary. It will certainly take a couple of tries,but you"ll victory it eventually. ~ beating that in 49 seconds, Malon willtell you the the compensation is too large and that was ceded to your house.Head earlier to Kokiri Forest and also go earlier into your residence where youstarted out as a kid. You"ll go inside and see the you have acquired afree cow!----------------------------------------------------------------------------5.

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