I am an avid Minecraft player, and also lately I’ve noticed some pain in mine hand native holding under the right-mouse button. I tried a few different totally free auto click programs, and also found AutoHotKey. It’s a scripting language that allows users to produce custom hotkeys.

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Picture that Zekk with an axe saying hello come a MineZ cow.

I have actually some programming experience, and also I uncovered it very easy to create a hotkey for holding under the right computer mouse button. I discovered this response on a forum that operated with one small edit (adding the “Return” in ~ the end). Ns also readjusted the height line, the hotkey itself, come F4, for Minecraft convenience.

F4::alt := not altif(alt)Click downelseClick upReturn

How to do this hotkey:

Copy and also paste the above code right into the paper you produce in the tutorial.Right click the record and Run Script.Hold under the hotkey, and there you go!

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