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(1) (Reply) How To open A Briefcase Lockwithout The combination by Derealme(m): 1:49pm on Nov 17, 2013
by Katie Leigh, an eHow Contributing Writer Even a forget code have the right to be cracked. Briefcases with rolling mix locks deserve to be tricky. If you"ve shed or forget the mix to your briefcase, thecontents aren"t shed forever. Cracked the password on this locks is a fairly simple procedure that requires just a little of patience. This technique does not damage the briefcase, for this reason it"s a good alternative come attempting to pry open the lock through a tool. Difficulty: basic accuse 1. Pull the sliding side latch come the side,as you would if friend were opening the briefcase normally. Holding the latch in position, lightly roll your fingersdown end each numbered wheel to identify which one is the tightest. The tightest wheel will give the the very least whenyou tenderness tug on it with your fingertip. 2. Set the tightest wheel to "0." examine the tightness that the other two wheels; if lock still feel loose, click the zeroed lock come "1" and also feel the various other two wheels again. Store going in this fashion until among the various other two wheels feels tight. Once one of the other wheels becomes tight, the very first wheel is collection at the correct number. 3. Move on come the 2nd tightened wheel, proceeding to organize the next latch in place. Collection it in ~ "0" and check the final loosened wheel. Save adjusting the second wheel, together you did through the first, till the third wheel feel tight. 4. Set the final wheel in ~ "0" and adjust it till the briefcase"s peak latches popular music open. Make sure the sliding side latch is quiet being held in place. 5. Reset the combination to numbers you"llremember in the future. Create themdown and also store lock in a for sure place, just in case. tips & Warnings never ever use this method for illegal purposes. This instructions space meant only to aid people access their own property, not someone else"s. http://www.ehow.com/m/how_4856433_open-briefcase-lock-combination.html?utm_source=sm-disqus&utm_medium=test366
Pls, I"m trying it and also its still no that clean to me. Deserve to you pls make it a lil little clearer

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