when I push the Power button once on my 3DS when turned on, I acquire a screen about Sleep Mode. It tells me I need to close the display screen to enter Sleep Mode, insinuating that simply closing the 3DS once not on this screen, won"t activate Sleep Mode.So what happens once I simply close the mechanism when play a game? Is that not Sleep Mode? If that is, then why the talk about Sleep mode when I press the strength Button?I can sort of skip that display screen by hold the Power switch down for a second or two, however the whole notion that that screen just seems silly come me. I wish I could just rotate off the system with a single short press of the button.

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It"s just bad copywriting. Closing the 3DS in a game consists of all the features listed except the street pass is not allowed when in a DS video game (3DS games still allow streetpass once sleeping), therefore you certainly don"t have actually to enter the home display screen just to put it to sleep.

That screen itself is simply a tutorial to teach you the you don"t have to push the button to do that; you simply close the device. You have the right to close the machine on the home screen (not the power button screen) and streetpass remains active.


There is basically no difference in between closing the display to put it right into sleep setting or the power switch sleep mode. Friend will need to think that this together a standby mode, just like that of a PC. It will turn off unneeded hardware or put them in a low-energy setting (CPU, screen, etc), but will store up strength to the RAM, bring about you beeing may be to proceed your video game from the suggest where you close her screen.Sleep mode will continue to consume battery life until you rotate off your device, and also if girlfriend haven"t saved and also your battery dies, girlfriend will have to replay from your last save.Turning your an equipment off will assist save battery power, if girlfriend don"t desire to use your 3DS for prolonged periods that time (e.g. ~3 hrs or more).


There is a way to bypass the sleep setting talk. When playing a big game such as "Super Mario maker for Nintendo 3DS" or a DS game, discover out once you desire to it is in done through the game. This part is essentially vital for bypassing.

For a DS game, walk to the display screen that asks if you desire to go to the residence Menu. Organize down the POWER button until it stop the LED irradiate of blue.

For a big 3DS game, exit out the your game and totally close the app. You deserve to tell it is a big game if it states "Please wait..." and also turns dark for around a minute. Once it claims "Please wait...", climate go and hold under the POWER switch when the display screen turns dark. The blue LED need to turn off.

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