Your emergency brake is more important than you could think. Here is how to change your emergency brake on her Ford F-150 or super Duty.

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This article uses to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014) and also F-250 supervisor Duty (2005-2014).

If her emergency brake isn’t working properly or is just plain worn out, this aren"t hard fixes. This repair will certainly take girlfriend the much better part of one afternoon. For those who are somewhat mechanically inclined, it need to only take an hour or two.


Materials Needed4mm retainer pinBrake lubricantSocket/wrench setPhillips head screwdriverEmergency brake kitJack and 2 jack standsTire ironRubber mallet

Step 1 - Prepare the truck

Block the front wheel so the van can’t role in any direction.Loosen the lug nuts top top the behind wheels.Using the jack, advanced the rear finish of the truck sufficient to gain the jack was standing underneath the behind axle, and remove the behind wheel on each side.
Figure 1. Raise the truck.

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Step 2 - within the truck

Place her truck in neutral.Remove left A-pillar lower trim dashboard (pull ago and it will unclip itself).Have one assistant traction on the intermediary parking brake cable until the parking brake rotating sector control stops.While the assistant is holding the cable, insert the 4mm retaining pin to release the parking brake cable anxiety (as displayed in number 2 below).
Figure 2. Relax the parking brake cable tension.

Step 3 - in ~ the rear axle

Disconnect the parking brake cable at the cable-to-cable union making use of the appropriate sized wrench or socket.Remove the rear brake disc.
Figure 3. Behind brake disc.Remove the brake shoes adjuster screw and also brake shoe adjuster screw spring making use of the Phillips head screwdriver.Remove both brake shoe hold down springs, pins, and finally the brake shoes retracting spring.Remove the brake shoe.
Figure 4. Spring and shoe locations.Using the brake lubricant, lubricate the new parking brake shoes whereby they will certainly make call with the stay pad.Install the brand-new shoe and ensure the it is focused on the hub.
Figure 5. Brand-new shoe installed.

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Step 4 - Finishing up

Re-install all eliminated screws, springs, and pins in the turning back order they come off.Using the emergency brake shoe adjuster wheel, change the parking brake shoe clearance to .66mm.Repeat procedure for the opposite next of the truck.Reattach parking brake cables at the cable-to-cable unions.Remove the 4mm retaining pin.Reinstall the trim panel.Reinstall the wheels.Test the parking brake come ensure it works. You deserve to test easily by parking on one incline, setup the brake, and also then putting the van in neutral. If over there is no roll, the parking brake is collection correctly. If the truck rolls, you might need to examine the parking brake shoes clearance again.

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