Google translates it as "you care" and my guide says it is supplied to speak "I"ll it is in careful." from the framework I can figure out the き method something favor care and also つけます would certainly be something like "be." please help.


You show up unskilled at, so allow me to break it down. 気きを付つける is to be taken as a single phrase. Precise you might say it method "attach your mind", i.e. Be mindful. In, pronouns such as I, you, and also she might omitted if castle are easily divined through context. Lastly ます is enclosed to verbs to do them much more polite, in this case replacing る. Every in all 気を付けます is a courteous method of speak "I will certainly be careful" or "I will take care."



気を付ける literally way (I) affix feelings (to something). It method that girlfriend will carry out something with lot thought. Because of this not being careless...

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Using this context, we have the right to translate it normally as I will certainly be careful.

It"s favor English metaphors of "You room the bee knees!" or "A piece of cake!"


Put plainly ,just equates as,

気きをつけるI will be careful

Some things simply can"t be literally analyzed in come English. So there is no way to really break that down favor you would choose to.

「気き」 ~ above its own has actually a large amount that meanings and also when supplied with various other Kanji or in conjunction with a phrase have the right to take on fairly a couple of meanings.


空気くうき = air大気たいき = atmosphere気きが大おおきい = generous気きの強つよい = strong willed気きを落おとす = lose heart気きを落おち着つける = calm oneself

As you have the right to see in the last 4 examples, castle are comparable expressions come 「気きをつける」That the whole phrase do the meaning. There are a many expressions like this using numerous different Kanji and also meanings.

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Somehow a one track answer seemed to slip into this. Ns am no at all an skilled in - much from it. However, I have actually 600-1000 students every year come continue to be at mine host household homes. In mine experience and you have the right to take it to the bank, this phrase is more commonly used to tell one more person to be careful. It may be supplied as I will be careful, yet that is no it"s normal and also typical use. A mom would be informing her child be careful when they"re talk a bike, or possibly doing miscellaneous dangerous choose cutting a carrot.

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