Imagine this: a great opportunity comes your way: you have actually the chance of win an all expenses paid scholarship come Paris because that a year. Sponsor by the French embassy. All you need to do is leaving your contact details, in French, including of course her phone number so they can speak to you back.

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How carry out you say your phone number in French, prefer French civilization do?

And nope It’s not the very same as in English.

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Et toi ?Have you ever before felt favor you said your phone call number dorn in French?Did you do yourself understood?Share v us a funny story around giving (or composing down!) a phone number in French.

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Arshdeep says:
Mohammed Abdul Mujeeb says:
Mark says:

Merci beaucoup. Discuss dit le número d’address pour une ville? Par instance notre maison en France est a Caunes Minervois 11160. Devions nous dire onze, cent soixonte? Ou cent onze, soixonte ? Ou un, un, un, six, zero? Ou…..?

Geraldine Lepere says:

Bonjour Mark,

C’est très simple.On lit 11160 : onze cent soixante. Vehicle 11 est le département et 160 le code qui représente ta ville.