Winter is called hiver in French. The season that winter is from December 21-March 21.

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Christmas is celebrated in France during the winter season. ~ above January 1st, a new year is welcomed with a lot of hope and brand-new resolutions. Valentine’s job on the 14th the February is crucial celebration the love for couples in France as well as all over the world.

How come pronounce periods in French?

Now that you know the French seasons, you have the right to start the together exercise.

Below room the audio recordings the the names of the 4 seasons of the year in French.

Listen to learn then repeat to master the pronunciation of French seasons.

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Different periods in different contexts

In addition to seasons of the year in the paper definition of the weather, “une saison” in French can be supplied to explain a certain event the occurs over a identified period. Below are a couple of examples:

La saison des vendangesLa saison des fruit et des légumesLa saison touristiqueLa saison sportive

Let’s see with each other the details of each season.

La saison des vendanges

La saison des vendanges is the time as soon as grapes are harvested. France is renowned for its wine (vin). Various regions in France have different harvest time (saison des vendanges). I live in Bourgogne (Burgundy) so the harvest season typically falls in between September and also October.But why is that the best saison come harvest grapes?The time that harvest is identified by the ripeness of the grape, the weather…

La saison des fruit et des légumes

La saison des fruits et des légumes is getting more traction since a few years. Nowadays, in France, us are urged to choose les légumes de saison (seasonal vegetables) and also les fruits de saison (seasonal fruits). Therefore that us consume neighborhood vegetables and fruits!

La saison touristique

During the summer (July, August), we’re talking around “la saison touristique” in French (touristic season). If you want to visit the southern of France my just advice is to try to stop the touristic season!!! prices are regularly higher, compared to various other times of the year, and also there are so numerous people!!! If her lifestyle permits you to travel other times the the year you’ll have the ability to enjoy this beautiful an ar by yourself.

La saison sportive

La saison sportive describes the sports season. Many civilization are interested in different sports. If she interested in a or an ext sports, you know that there is a sporting activities season because that each sport (Skating in Winter or Beach football in Summer for example).

More periods than you’ve imagined!

La saison des soldes. That method the sales season. In France, us usually have actually “la saison des soldes” in January and in July because that 6 weeks.

Les vêtements de saison. In winter civilization tend come wear warmth clothes. Seasons define the method how civilization dress and also this is why we talk around seasonal clothes.

La saison d’une série. Episodes of a TV present that space released at consistent intervals.

La saison des foins. The haymaking season. There is usually around a two-week “window” the time in i m sorry grass is at its ideal stage for harvesting hay.

Summary of the lesson

Although that one i and couple of lines on every season room never sufficient to describe a season, i hope that the explanations in this post will assist you much better understand the main qualities of France’s unique seasons.

In this lesson, we have reviewed the perform of the periods in French. Let us recall what we have actually learned.

There are 4 periods in a year: Hiver, Printemps, Eté, Automne.We explored how the word season is used in different contexts in the French language.You have accessibility to the audio to learn just how to express months and seasons in French.

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Now the you master the seasons in French, it’s vital tokeep enhancing your French level.As a following step, you have the right to exploremore French words as component of our French vocabulary list.