A supersensual bath with your boy will strengthen your bond. These couples-specific spa treatments are guaranteed to lead to a steamy an excellent time.

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The perfect antidote to winter chills and also holiday-season stress? A long and also totally sensual bath tub date. It"s just as sexy as skinny-dipping, just far more intimate...and beautifying come boot. So set aside time because that a hot, steamy bathtub session because that two. Use therapeutic rubs and also luxurious scrubs and also oils to gain each various other squeaky-clean, soft soft and gloriously uninhibited. "When you"re in the bath tub with someone, you"ve permit down all of your defenses, so each touch becomes every the much more intimate," states Helen Fisher, PhD, a new York City anthropologist. At this point, you"re probably tempted to plunge appropriate in, but before you do, take it time for a couple of prep measures to make your soak extrasensual. First, scan the spa-inspired recipes on the next two pages. (While each treatment will job-related wonders top top its own, you have the right to combine all of them because that a bath-time blowout.) Right prior to you begin your tantalizing treatment, set a calm scene in your bathroom. "Create a boundary in between yourselves and also the remainder of the world," advises Celeste Dunn, president and also CEO that TheGreenhouse Spa. "Turn off her phone, TV and lights. Now"s a good time to use flickering (and flattering) candlelight." put on a softly romantic CD favor Sade"s lovers Rock or Bebo Gilberto"s Tanto Tempo. When your bastion the bliss is all set up, slink top top in with your man...and permit the pampering begin.

The Mind-Blowing Buff

tenderness exfoliation have the right to do much an ext than gaining rid of dulling dead cells and yielding smoother, softer skin. Follow to Michael Simon, a pampering pro at Ole Henriksen Face/Body spa, L.A."s celeb mellow-out hangout, sloughing — specifically with something good "n" gritty like salt or sugar — additionally revs up her circulation and stimulates her sensory receptors.

1. combine the ingredients and place the mixture in a key by the bath. (If you"re too lazy come whip increase the recipe, shot Estée Lauder decision Glow sugar Rub, $35.)

2. Luxuriate deux in the bath tub for a few minutes. Both of you should warmth some scrub in between your palms, then usage gentle, circular strokes to massage it into each other"s skin.

3. as well as sloughing the noticeable rough point out (elbows, knees, and also heels), it is in creative: Think butt cheeks and also back. "Almost every body component can benefit from this treatment," says Simon. Simply keep her hands the end of each other"s easy-to-irritate personal parts and steer clear of those sensitive nipples (for now).

4. because this scrub tastes delicious, lick excess drippings turn off his chest, neck, and thighs...and encourage the to carry out the exact same to you. (Caveat: carry out not lick a store-bought scrub.)

5. finish each treatment v a warm, thorough rinse standing under the showerhead. Friend may have to rub each other gently to to wash all the grains away.

The Supersensuous Shampoo

"People don"t realize what an erogenous region the scalp is," states Dunn. So lure your lucky man into the tub and monitor Dunn"s tips on offering your partner the perfect shampoo. Climate let the return the favor.

1. at the exact same time you"re illustration your bath, fill the sink with hot water and also a few drops of essential oil, then submerge the towel in the mixture.

2. Invite him right into the tub, sit behind him, then give him a tension-relieving confront massage. Utilizing your fingertips and slow, tiny circular strokes, stimulate the allude between his nose and upper lip, then work your means outward and also upward along his cheekbones, temples, and forehead. (Just together you would in bed, ask him what pressure he prefers.)

3. Drizzle a generous help of shampoo (the extra lather will feel luxurious) anywhere his hair. We prefer the rich and creamy suds that Pantene Pro-V Classically Clean Shampoo, $7.30. Now interlace your fingers and also place her hands on top of his head so that your palms are above his ears. Begin gently pressing and rubbing the bottom of your palms versus his scalp, then work-related your way down the ago of his head, back up toward the top, and all the method to his forehead. Improvise as needed to get all the shampoo massaged right into a supersudsy froth.

4. spend a small time kneading his earlobes (an conveniently stimulated area) as soon as you"re done through his scalp.

5. to fill the pitcher through clean, heat water, gently tilt his head back, then rinse out the shampoo. Due to the fact that this action is supercharged with sensuality, don"t it is in surprised in ~ the groans, shivers, and also anything else the might, um, pop up.

6. as soon as his hair is suds free, massage in part conditioner (if he provides it regularly), climate rinse. Wring the end the essential oil-infused towel, wrap that snugly approximately his head (the warmth will certainly feel extrarelaxing) and also massage his whole head (over the towel), neck, and shoulders. After two or three minutes, eliminate the towel, kiss him on the forehead and ask the to obtain to job-related on you.

The Sole-Mate Massage

when this therapy is a good way to soothe achy arches and also smooth roughed-up heels, this tantalizing tootsie rub might affect an ext than her feet. Those seemingly innocent little piggies and also the arches of the feet space surprisingly erogenous area to plenty of people.

1. location the oil in a key by the tub. We like Neutrogena body Oil in sesame formula, $9.90.

2. include a little bit of the oil come the bathwater for this reason your whole body can benefit from included silkiness, claims Lupita Leyva, spa director of The Spa in ~ the royal Sands will in Cancun, Mexico.

3. Sit in the bathtub facing her partner and also cradle one of his heels in her hands. Dip your fingers into the oil, then work-related them around the perimeter the his foot utilizing firm strokes.

4. Massage his anklebone because that a minute or so, and also while you"re there, turn his foot a couple of times to assist release anxiety from his legs.

5. The inside and also lower locations of the arch space the many erogenous zones of the foot, says Dunn. Tap this part"s powers by put both thumbs within his arch, and also — utilizing slow, circular motions — work-related your method up come the balls the his feet, earlier down to his heel, then back and forth throughout the middle of his arch three times. Don"t be insecure around your technique. Also though you"re no a reflexologist, your guy will gain this immensely.

6. maintaining the very same kind the motion, job-related your way up come the base of his toes and also apply gentle pressure in between each one. Follow to Dunn, massaging these locations will additionally relax his eyes and ears, sending him into a dreamlike state the mind.

7. currently gently wiggle each piggy one in ~ a time, climate rinse his foot with warm water indigenous the tap and also start the whole process over top top the various other side.


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Cross her fingers and hope that he"s not as well done in v pleasure come reciprocate.