Pregnancy seen in a dream is a price of miscellaneous new. The picture of mommy in a dream is typically a authorize that everything is going the appropriate way. Dreams about your pregnant mother normally predict happiness, joy and fulfilling that wishes.

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If a daughter saw she mother pregnant in a dream, it is a sign of something new coming into her life. Married daughters can hope because that coming motherhood; lonely persons will meet a guy who will end up being a life partner.

If a young man observed his mother pregnant in a dream, this means that every his to plan will absolutely turn right into life, Miller states.

If you observed your deceased mother pregnant in a dream, this plot method that something the you might have let go in your previous will recreation soon. Life provides you a 2nd chance.

If a pregnant daughter observed a dream about her mother pregnant, she is feasible scared of comes labor. This dream is a sign that she is waiting for ethical support from she mother.


If you experienced a dream about your mother’s unwanted pregnancy of at an early stage stages and if she observed hiding it, the dream has the following interpretations: if your mother is yes, really pregnant, she will have fast and easy delivery; if not – this means she will have some insignificant changes in she life (new hobby, neighbor, etc.).

If in your dream her pregnant mother wanted to make an abortion, this plot shows that you deserve to lose something important; and also lose that fast and also forever.

If her mother had actually a miscarriage in a dream, you have the right to lose somebody’s trust and also attention, Vanga warns.

If your mother passed away at delivery, this dream method you need to be careful with your health, there is a chance to acquire infection and also get ill. If your pregnant mother died in a dream due to the fact that the baby couldn’t get born, this image method your plans and also wishes will certainly not come true.

If you witnessed your dad beating your deceased mother for carrying one more man’s baby, together plot predicts significant financial difficulties according come the Eastern dreambook.

If her stepmother gave birth to a dead baby, this plot predicts solving small problems.


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More detailed dreams interpretation deserve to be discovered in a thesaurus by:

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Dead pregnant woman
Pregnant wife
Surrogate mom
obtaining pregnant
Pregnant woman (for men)
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