"HANNELORE, your PAPA IS DEAD." In the spring of 1942 Hannelore got a letter native Mama at her institution in Berlin, Germany--Papa had actually been arrested and also taken come a concentration camp. Six weeks later he was sent out home; ashes in an urn. Soon another letter arrived. "The Gestapo has notified your brothers and also me that we room to be exile to the East--whatever the means." Hannelore knew: job camps, starvation, beatings...How could Mama and also her two younger brothers be affected by each other that? She make a decision: She would go home and be deported v her family. Despite the horrors she faced in eight labor and also concentration camps, Hannelore met and also fell in love v a polish POW named dick Hillman. Oskar Schindler was your one hope to survive. Schindler had a plan to take it eleven hundreds Jews come the safety of his brand-new factory in Czechoslovakia. Exceptionally both she and Dick were added to his list. Yet survival was no that simple. Weeks later Hannelore uncovered herself, alone, external the gates of Auschwitz, thrust toward the smoking crematoria. I will certainly Plant you a Lilac Tree is the exceptional true story of one young woman"s nightmarish coming-of-age. However it is additionally a story around the how amazing possibilities for hope and also love in among history"s most brutal times.

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Laura Hillman

Laura Hillman (nee Hannelore Wolff) was born in 1923 in Aurich, Germany, close to the phibìc Sea. She was the 3rd of five children born come Karoline and Martin Wolff. Five years ~ Hitler pertained to power, Laura to be separated from she town and family. The events Laura observed in the camps kept her from writing for many years, however she finally set out to write her memoir, dealing with for the first time the situations that led to her survival.Laura now lives in Los Alamitos, California, and also devotes her time in between talking in high schools and colleges around her experiences and also being a docent in ~ the lengthy Beach Museum of Art.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster publications for Young reader (February 19, 2008) Length: 288 pages ISBN13: 9781416953661 Grades: 9 and also up Ages: 14 - 99

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