18. If yellow were offered as nuclear fuel, it would be best

a. Fusedb. Splitc. Either fused or splitd. No fused no one split#CarryOnLearning \\ "}>" data-test="answer-box-list">

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18. If yellow were supplied as nuclear fuel, it would be best

a. Fused

b. Split

c. Either unify or split

d. No fused nor split



what is the complete acceleration of an object with a 250n of force and a 12kg that mass.…Given; Formula; Solution;
ACTIVITY: choose from the list below the traits that ideal describe your own an individual entrepreneural characteristics. Uncover ways on exactly how to align lock ac…cording to the an individual characteristics of one entrepreneur i m sorry were debated earlier. Compose your answer in the activity provided. EXAMPLE: my PECS an innovative CONFIDENT confident DYNAMIC KNOWLEDGEABLE RESOURCEFUL RISK-TAKER PASSIONATE efficient PERSEVERING PERSISTENT OBSERVANT FELXIBLE HARDWORKING STRONG-MINDED organized COMPETENT perceptible DECISION-MAKER COURTEOUS INDEPENDENT reputable COMMITTED REALIBLE mine PECS mine simple an interpretation Things to perform align through PECs of a effective entrepreneur 2 3. 5.​
hyper velocity bullets offered 0.19 lengthy rifle usually weigh around 2.0g and also can have actually speed that 540 m/s. What have to be the speed of 65 kg the a man to match…the inert of the bullet?​
Read each of the statement below carefully. Put a inspect mark if that is TRUE and also cross mark if FALSE. Write your prize on the space provided before eac…h number. _____11. Researches additionally validate, test, and difficulty existing educational techniques that may result in reforms i m sorry are much more contextualized, localized, and also responsive come the demands of the learners. _____12. For the doctors and nurses, study helps in offering designs which are creatively beautiful and also at the same time give much more conveniences and also efficiencies as they utilize modern-day technology. _____13. Modern devices and also equipment construct deep-seated psychological elements in the ar of research. _____14. In the field of Accounting, Business and also Management (ABM), researches can help design a brand-new product or service, figure out what is needed and ensure the the breakthrough of a product is very targeted in the direction of demand. _____15. In the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), medical practitioners conducted researches come obtain far-reaching information about condition trends and risk factors, outcomes of various health interventions, fads of care, and health treatment costs and also use. _____16. Dependent change is the stimulus variable i beg your pardon is liked by the researcher to identify its connection to an observed phenomenon. _____17. Dependent change is the response variable i m sorry is observed and measured to recognize the result of the live independence variable. _____18. Ordinal variable is a variable v no quantitative value prefer eye color, company type, and religion. _____19. Interval variable is a measurement wherein the difference between two values does have actually meaning. _____20. Ordinal variable is a change that has actually two or an ext categories which can be ranked choose identifying the degree of listening come music together “Not very much”, “Much”, or “Very Much”. _____21. Quantitative research study is costly due to the fact that of the big number of respondents needed and the variety of questionnaires to be reproduced. _____22. A big number of data ar
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