A compound verb is a verb that is consisted of of lot of words. The compound verb deserve to take ~ above such forms as:

A preposition verbA paragraph verbA verb with auxiliariesA link single-word verb

Each that these operate a small differently and also the best method to recognize them is to study a variety of link verb aufdercouch.net.

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The cashier shortchanged me fifty cents.

With a prepositional Verb

Verbs can take on a slightly or also a really different meaning when a preposition is added to the end of them.

Believe inAsk forRely upon

With a phrasal Verb

A unit volume verb is formed when you integrate a verb through an adverb or a preposition. The meaning of the resulting link verb isn"t always obvious through looking in ~ the two words in isolation. Also, the adverb or preposition have the right to be relocated after the object and still do perfect sense.

Tear uptake awayTake downwork on

With Auxiliaries

Verbs can also be preceded by an auxiliary verb to kind a compound verb. Sports of "to be" space the most common, but other auxiliaries are oftentimes used too.

Was swimmingWill be consideringWill meetAre running

Single-Word compound Verbs

Whether or not the two words are associated with a hyphen, friend can type a compound verb by combining two different words, one of two people or both that which might or may not be verbs on your own.

Color-code Double-clickRely onWear awayWater-proof

Sentences with Compound Verbs

An even much better way to illustrate just how compound verbs duty is to check out them in activity in instance sentences.

Mary will take it off she makeup before bed.The city was destroyed through the tornado.Everything will job-related out eventually.I had water-proofed the boat, but not well enough.We opted for the cheaper room there is no a view.He was looking for a nice location to camp.Someone will must proofread mine manuscript.The conference will reconvene in an hour.Egg cartons have the right to soundproof a room.We really should air-condition the house. John will certainly babysit for us tonight.Sometimes us second guess the outcome.I really desire to test-drive that sports car.Dad will it is in waiting in ~ the train station.The cashier shortchanged me fifty cents.You will it is in amazing in the role.

Compound verbs in Quotes

You can additionally see compound verbs in activity via these quotes.

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"Although all three musicians had to be playing previously that night, they had not to be together." - Erik Nisenson, Open Sky: Sonny Rollins and also His world Of Improvisation

These instances of compound verbs present the plenty of ways that this grammar tool can be offered to more enhance the verb in a sentence. As soon as you"re ready to discover more, examine out our resources on help verbs and also linking verb too.