"Song that myself" is a city in the book "Leaves of Grass," an initial published in 1855 through the American journalist Walt Whitman. This book was a watershed in the Poetic Letters, because it definitively broke with the stylistic rules metric and also rhyme until then embraced by the American poets, who clearly imitated the europe poets.

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In "Song that myself" the poet claims that a child asked the what blade of grass was and he replied that he to know what that is as lot as the boy knows. This is present in the following stanza:

"One kid said, What is the blade of grass? happen a

tuft in his hands;

What execute I tell her? I know as much as she what

is the tongue of grass."

In “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman, a boy asks Whitman what a blade of grass is.

Song the Myself" is a poem by Walt Whitman (1819-1892) the is contained in his job-related Leaves of Grass.

In the first line, American poet Walt Whitman kindly informs the leader that he is going to celebrate himself throughout the entire poem.

Whitman composed his verses there is no a continual form, meter, or rhythm. His lines are extremely rhythmic, and they have a mesmerizing chant-like quality.


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