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middle ages, that is a history of the european quiz. Let's begin this quiz and learn much more about it. All the best!

The grant of serfs and land made to faithful vassals which was recognized as a fief in exchange because that loyalty and also military service

Peasants were compelled to pay their local village a tithe which was )__________________________________________????WHAT to be IT tell ME NOW!!
Them method of christian scholors trying to fix the conflict in between faith and also reason was recognized as
An financial system of agriculture that noted peasants with food shelter and also protection in excahnge for 10 percent of their produce is dubbed __________.

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Long narrow deck less ships that the vikings provided to sail in shallow waters easily for surprise assaults on unsuspecting villages are called ___________.
Royalty sitting gallantly in your castle? A brave warrior off to battle? A mystical biology from one more world? take it our quiz to uncover out that you would be in medieval society!

Running from the 5th to the 15th century, the Middle eras were a period of time in human background in i m sorry the autumn of the western Roman realm was kickstarted and also transitioned right into the Renaissance and the age of Discovery, where...

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During the Middle ages these people were in in charge of the castles and also had many people working because that them.
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