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hit one"s pan in Vrb phrs. To work hard, to put in numerous effort. E.g."I"ve to be knocking mine pan in at job-related to gain myself a promotion." knock 7 shades of shit the end of (someone) Vrb phrs. To thoroughly beat up someone. Cf. "kick 7 shades that shit the end of (someone)". knock ten bells the end of (someone) Vrb phrs. aufdercouch.netme severely beat increase (someone). Cf. "kick ten bells the end of (someone)" knock the spots off Vrb phrs. To outdo. Informal knock up Verb. 1. To do pregnant. E.g." i knocked her up and also now her father wants me to marry her." 2. aufdercouch.netme awaken. E.g."If girlfriend knock me increase on your method to work-related I"ll gain a lift in v you." know one"s onions Vrb phrs. Knowledgeable and aufdercouch.netmpetent in something. E.g."I"ll to speak one point for Craig, he to know his onions as soon as it aufdercouch.netncerns repairing vehicle engines." Informal know one"s ingredient Vrb phrs. To be really knowledgeable and skilled in a specific area. Informal knuckle sandwich Noun. A punch in the mouth. One aging term the is generally used in a light-hearted way. knuckle shuffle Noun. An action of masturbation. Verb. aufdercouch.netme masturbate. knuckle shuffler Noun. A human being who masturbates. kooky Adj. Crazy, eccentric. kool Verb. aufdercouch.netme look (at). Backslang. Kopite Noun. A supporter of Liverpool football club. Native The Kop, a stand/area in ~ the Liverpool ground. kosher Adj. aufdercouch.netrrect, legitimate. Informal kotch Verb. To relax. Likewise spelt "aufdercouch.nettch". E.g."We"ve to be kotching and listening aufdercouch.netme the tunes." Kraut Noun. A German. A shortening of sauerkraut. Offens. kushty Adj. Excellent, fine, OK. Likewise spelt cushty, kushdy and kushti. A as soon as predominantly working class term with beginnings either in the Middle eastern and/or Romany.
K Noun. 1. A thousand, a kilogram, a kilobyte. 2. Ketamine. An pet anaesthetic bring away illicitly because that its inexplicable semi-hallucinogenic qualities. kabish? Verb. Understand? also spelt kapeesh, capeesh. One anglicization that the Italian capisci? kak * Noun. 1. Rubbish, nonsense. 2. Excrement. * Cf. "cack". kankles Noun. Fat ankles and calves the lack meaning and appear to merge. A aufdercouch.netmbination of the words calf and ankle. Typically spelt "cankles". kaput Adj. Finished, worn out, can not to function, aufdercouch.netmpletely broken. kark (it) Verb. To die. Likewise "cark it". Karen Noun. One over-entitled middle-class woman, generally white, who invariably has unreasonable demands as soon as unhappy v a service, e.g. Will need to watch the manager in a supermarket in order aufdercouch.netme aufdercouch.netmplain around the prices. Derog./Offens. karzy Noun. A lavatory, toilet. The word lavatory is in itself, a euphemism for a place to wash. Native the Italian because that house, casa. Numerous different speilings inaufdercouch.netrporate khazi, kharzie, karsey, karzey, and also kazi. kaylied Adj. Very drunk. Likewise spelt kalied. kecks Noun. Trousers. Cf. "kegs". keeker Noun. A black eye. Since with a black aufdercouch.netlor eye you can only keek, definition peep. keen as mustard Phrs. Very enthusiastic, eager. store it zipped Vrb phrs. Don"t talk, remain quiet. store mum Vrb phrs. Remain silent, keep quiet, don"t tell anyone around it. Watch "mum". Informal save one"s pecker increase Vrb phrs. To aufdercouch.netntinue to be cheerful, to no let the case get one down. Informal store tabs top top Vrb phrs. To keep notified about. keep your hair on! Exclam. Patience down! or aufdercouch.netntinue to be calm! Informal keepy-uppy Noun. A game that entails keeping a round (usually a football) turn off the ground because that as lengthy as possible by largely using one"s head and feet, although any kind of body part can be used other than one"s eight or hands. E.g."I"ve been practicing my keepy-uppies and can now do 150." <1960s> keg Verb. To pull down a person"s trousers as a mischevious act. E.g."It to be so funny; we kegged the on the high street in full view of every the Saturday shoppers." kegging Noun. A mischevious act of pulling under a person"s trousers in stimulate to reason them embarrassment. kegs Noun. 1. Trousers. Cf. "kecks". 2. Men"s underwear. Keith Cheggars Adj. Pregnant. Rhyming slang top top "preggars". Cheggars, a nickname for Keith Chegwin, a brother TV present presenter and also personality. Likewise spelt Keith Cheggers and often abb. aufdercouch.netme cheggars. ken Verb. aufdercouch.netme know. kerb crawler Noun. A person who drives progressively to view street prostitutes, through the intention of procuring their services. Informal kerb crawling Noun. Driving gradually to view and procure the services of prostitutes functioning the street. Informal ker-ching! Exclam. The sound that a cash till ringing, express to signify monetary profit. Likewise as ka-ching and kerching. E.g."We made £40,000 profit when we sold the house. Ker-ching!" kerfuffle Noun. A aufdercouch.netmmotion or fuss. Likewise occasionally spelt cafuffle, cufuffle and also curfuffle. Informal kermit Noun. The toilet. Rhyming slang, from Kermit the Frog, definition "bog". Kermit, a puppet personality on the U.S. TV show the Muppets ket Noun. Sweets, aufdercouch.netnfectionary, candy. kettle Noun. A clock or wrist watch. Probably from rhyming slang kettle and also hob, definition fob. Kev Noun. A young person who aufdercouch.netmmonly wears branded sportswear, baseball caps, trainers or Rockport boots, etc. kev vehicle Noun. A modification car, including such points as alloy wheels, spoilers, loud sound solution etc. Watch "kev". kevved up Adj. Generally with referral to a car, mechanically and also performance enhanced, restyled aufdercouch.netme look extra sporty. kewl * Adj. 1. Excellent, wonderful. 2. OK. * An alternative spelling of "aufdercouch.netol" that"s much more evident on the WWW. Khyber (Pass) Noun. Buttocks, anus. aufdercouch.netckney rhyming slang top top "arse". kibosh Noun. aufdercouch.netme end, to terminate, to finish off. E.g."We were kiboshed as shortly as we set off." see "put the kibosh top top (something)". kick (something) Verb. To give up (something), usually referring aufdercouch.netme the giving up that addictive drugs. absent in Verb. To begin. E.g."The medicine kicked in just as ns was talk to mine boss. I made a quick exit." kickin" * Adj. 1. Full of life and also energy. E.g. "The society was kickin" last night." 2. Excellent. * indigenous kicking. absent in the arse /ass Noun. Negative luck, an unfortunate setback. E.g."He had actually his passport and also money stolen once he was at the market, which was a absent in the ass, specifically as I had actually to climate pay for every little thing for the remainder of the holiday." absent in the balls /bollocks Noun. A setback, a disappointment. E.g." shedding in the last after all that tough work with the season to be a absent in the bollocks." kick it Verb. aufdercouch.netme die. A shortening of kick the bucket. kick off Verb. 1. To begin trouble. E.g. "If us don"t store the noise down he"s going to kick-off again and also call the police." 2. To begin. E.g."The meeting kicked off v a welaufdercouch.netming speech by the managing Director." Informal kick 7 bells the end of (someone) Vrb phrs. To extensively beat up (someone). Also, less aufdercouch.netmmonly, kick seven bells that shit out of someone. Cf. "kick ten bells the end of". kick 7 shades of shit the end of (someone) Vrb phrs. To extensively beat increase (someone). Cf. "beat 7 shades the shit out of (someone)" kick some arse/ass Vrb phrs. 1. aufdercouch.netme beat up someone. 2. To placed all one"s initiative into winning. E.g."OK lads, let"s get out ~ above the pitch and also kick some ass." kick into touch Vrb phrs. To reject, discard or finish with (someone/ something). Indigenous the video game of Rugby, whereby a ball kicked into touch is the end of play. E.g."I"m going to absent it into touch today, walk home and also start again tomorrow morning." kick ten bells out of (someone) Vrb phrs. To severely beat up (someone). Cf. "kick seven bells the end of". absent the arse the end of (something) Vrb phrs. To fully utilize, gain or make the many of (something), often to the degree that it has actually now lost its interest. E.g." We"ve kicked the arse the end of holidays in Egypt so i think we"ll walk to Spain this year." absent the bucket Verb. To die. E.g."It was really sad once my granny kicked the bucket, the work after win the top prize on the bingo too." kick the stuffing the end of (someone) Vrb phrs. 1. To severely beat increase (someone). E.g."Next time I see him I"m gonna absent the stuffing out of him." 2. aufdercouch.netme trounce (someone), to loss decisively. E.g."We kicked the stuffing out of them in the previously rounds of the aufdercouch.netmpetition, yet lost to them in the final, by simply 1 goal." absent up the arse/backside Phrs. What a person needs to get the motivated, working or moving. E.g."If Annie desires to happen her exams then she demands a good kick up the backside." kidder Noun. A term of address, usually affectionate use towards someone younger. kiddie fiddler Noun. A paedophile. Derog. kiddo Noun. A kind of address, usually for a someone younger. Often used affectionately. kidology Noun. The persistent and also intentional deception and also teasing the someone for pleasure. Informal kike Noun. A Jew. Derog/Offens. kinnell! Exclam. Exclamation of anger or surprise. A aufdercouch.netnvulsion of "fuckin"ell" (fucking hell). Also kinnel and also kin "ell. kip Noun. 1. Sleep. E.g."Let"s stop right here for the night and get some kip." 2. The face. A shortening the "kipper". Verb. To sleep. E.g."Isn"t that time you wake up them up, they"ve been kipping for 16 hours." kipper Noun. The face. E.g."Did you check out the miserable kipper on the idiot stood in ~ the back?" kipper feet Noun. Feet that point outwards. kipper"s prick Noun. See "not give a kipper"s dick". kiss arse/ass Vrb phrs. To act obsequiously. kisser Noun. Mouth. Beginnings in boxing. kit Noun. Clothes. View "get one"s kit off". kit and caboodle Noun. View "whole kit and caboodle". kitchen (sink) Noun. A chinese person. From the rhyming slang top top "chink". Offens. dragon Verb. aufdercouch.netme fraudulently usage dud or steal cheques. E.g."I obtained some great sportswear this morning, kiting in the precinct." Noun. A person who passes dud or steal cheques. kit kat shuffle Noun. Female masturbation. klempt Adj. Hungry. Likewise "clemmed". klepto Noun. Abb. Of kleptomaniac. Derog. klingon Noun. Faecal remnants that have adhered to anal hairs. Unusual and also less usual spelling that "cling-on", possibly motivated by the Klingons from the Star Trek TV/film series. knacked Adj. Means the exact same as "knackered". knacker Verb. aufdercouch.netme wear out, to exhaust, to ruin. E.g."Keep hitting it through that hammer and you"ll knacker it." <1800s> knackered Adj. 1. Tired, worn out, exhausted. E.g."I missed mine bus, I"ve just walked home, I"m knackered, for this reason I"m going to bed. OK?" 2. Broken. E.g."Can we aufdercouch.netme roughly to clock TV in ~ yours tonight, ours is knackered." 3. Thwarted, prevented from prospering at a task. E.g."We to be knackered after our goalkeeper left, mid season. The instead of let in an mean of 6 purposes each match and we gained relegated to a reduced division." * likewise occasionally spelt nackered. knackering Adj. Tiring, exhausting. E.g."Climbing to the peak of the mount Everest to be the most knackering thing I have ever before done." knackers (!) Noun. The testicles. Exclam. An exclamation of disagreement or annoyance. knacker-sack Noun. The scrotum, the pouch the holds the testicles. Also as knackersack. View "knackers" (noun 1). kneecap Verb. aufdercouch.netme cripple someone by shoot or hitting their kneecaps as a way of punishment. knee high aufdercouch.netme a grasshopper Phrs. The a person, quick in height. knees-up Noun. A lively party or gathering. E.g."There"s going to be a knees-up at Jenny"s tonight, it"s her birthday." Informal knee trembler Noun. Sex-related interaufdercouch.neturse whilst standing. Usually hurried sex in an effort to seize the moment. knicker Noun. One pound sterling. E.g."The yacht expense us fifty percent a million knicker simply as a deposit." Cf. "nicker". knickers! Exclam. A exclamation the defiance, exasperation or anger. From the term because that female underwear "knickers". knob * Noun. 1. The penis. 2. One idiot, one objectionable person. Verb. To have actually sex (with). E.g."I knobbed her when we to be younger, years prior to she to be famous." * also spelt "nob". knobber Noun. A aufdercouch.netntemptible person, an idiot. Likewise nobber. knobbing Noun. Sex-related interaufdercouch.neturse. Likewise as "nobbing". knob cheese (!) * Noun. Smegma. Cf. "cheese". Exclam. an exclamation of annoyance. * likewise spelt nob cheese. knob-end Noun. 1. The head that a penis. 2. A aufdercouch.netntemptible person. 3. The very end of something. E.g."Ok, I"ll eat the knob-end that the bread, the crusty bits are my favourite." knob-head Noun. An idiot, a aufdercouch.netntemptible person. Also knobhead and also nobhead. knob-jockey * Noun. 1. A homosexual male. Derog. Cf. "sausage jockey" 2. Basic term the abuse. * also "nob jockey" knob-off! Exclam. Walk away! an exclamation of anger. knob-rot Noun. 1. A sexuallytransfer disease, particularly one affect males. Cf. "galloping knob-rot". 2. Nonsense. E.g."You"ve been talking utter knob-rot because that the last 2 hours. This is what in reality happened." knob-shiner Noun. A aufdercouch.netntemptible person. hit Verb. To criticize, disaufdercouch.netver fault with. Informal knock back Vrb phrs. 1. To refuse a persons application or request. E.g."I gained knocked ago 7 times prior to they welaufdercouch.netmed my application." Informal 2. To easily drink or eat, to gulp down. E.g."We knocked earlier a few pints prior to the match." Informal Noun. A refusal, a rejection. Likewise as knockback. knocked up Adj. 1. Tired, exhausted. 2. Pregnant. knockers Noun. Breasts. Probably named as result of the nature of your movements during activity. punch for six Vrb phrs. To deal a major blow, aufdercouch.netme vanquish, to influence someone severely. Cf. "hit for six". Informal knocking top top (a bit) Phrs. Aged, old, often implying passed its best. knocking shop Noun. A brothel. punch it off (!) Vrb phrs. Protect against it. E.g."If friend don"t knock that off now I"ll phone your father and also he"ll aufdercouch.netme and take girlfriend home." Exclam. Stop it! knock-off Verb. 1. To have actually sex with (someone). E.g."She"s simply not my type, but I"d absolutely knock off her sister." 2. To steal. 3. To protect against work. E.g."We knocking turn off for lunch in 10 minutes, so finish what you"re doing." Noun. 1. Fake, aufdercouch.netunterfeit. 2. Steal goods. E.g."I"m not having that DVD player in mine house, it"s knock-off and my father"s a policeman." knock one out Verb. Usually of males, to masturbate. E.g."He knocked one out whilst the town hall old episodes of Baywatch."
knock out Verb. To produce, supply or sell. E.g."He"s been knocking out cheap sportswear on Stockport market." knockout Noun. A person or point that is really impressive or excellent. Additionally as knock-out. E.g."That brand-new British sportscar is a genuine knockout." Informal Adj. Overwhelming, excellent, height quality.
knock (someone) earlier Verb. To reject someone or their suggestions. E.g."I asked her for a dance, but she knocked me earlier and go off through my ideal friend."
punch (something) top top the head Vrb phrs. To protect against doing (something). E.g."All his shouting is yes, really annoying me. If he doesn"t knock it on the head soon, I"m going to thump him."