CAS No. 7789-41-5 chemical Name: Calcium bromide Synonyms CaBr2;Brocal;C13189;Dibromocalcium;CALCIUM BROMIDE;calciumdibromide;CALCIUM BROMIDE 52%;CALCIUM (II) BROMIDE;calciumbromide(cabr2);Calcium Bromide 95.0 % CBNumber: CB3210471 molecule Formula: Br2Ca Formula Weight: 199.89 MOL File: 7789-41-5.mol

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melting point: 730°C boil point: 806-812°C thickness 3.353 g/mL in ~ 25 °C (lit.) flash point: 806-812°C form beads shade White come off-white details Gravity 3.353 Water Solubility dissolve in water, methanol, ethanol and also acetone. Insoluble in dioxane, chloroform and ether. perceptible Hygroscopic Merck 14,1654 Stability: hygroscopic Indirect Additives used in Food contact Substances CALCIUM BROMIDE CAS DataBase reference 7789-41-5(CAS DataBase Reference) EWG"s Food Scores 1 FDA UNII 87CNY2EEBH NIST Chemistry reference Calcium dibromide(7789-41-5) EPA problem Registry system Calcium bromide (CaBr2) (7789-41-5)

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Calcium bromide chemical Properties,Uses,Production


Calcium bromide (CaBr2) is used as a developer for photographic movie and document and as adehydrating agent (drying agent), food preservative, and fire retardant.


Calcium bromide has the chemical formula CaBr2. Itwas first prepared by Pfeiffer, Klossmann and also Angernin 1924. That is a deliquescent salt that has the type ofcolorless hexagonal crystals that room soluble in water and absolute alcohol. That is molecular weight is 199.90 g/mol for the anhydride. As soon as strongly heated in air,calcium bromide will develop CaO (lime) and Br2. Itis generally acquired as the dihydrate, CaBr2·2H2O,in the type of a white crystalline powder. A hexahydrate,CaBr2·6H2O, is additionally known. Anhydrous calciumbromide is derived by dehydration (250°C, vacuum)of the dihydrate CaBr2·2H2O. On call with hotsurfaces or flames, CaBr2 decomposes formingbromine together a toxic and also corrosive fume. It additionally reactswith solid acids to develop corrosive fumes ofbromine.In its solid anhydrous state, that is a white powder.CaBr2 have the right to be discovered in drilling muds, neuroses medication,freezing mixtures, food preservatives, photographyand fire retardants. The anhydride has actually a melting pointof 730°C and also a boiling allude of 810°C wherein it decomposes.Its thickness is 3.41 g/cm3. That is moderately solublein water at 142 g/100 ml that water.

Chemical Properties

Calciumbromide, CaBr2, is a colorless crystalline solid v a melting allude of 765°C. The is deliquescent and is soluble in water and also absolute alcohol. Calcium bromide is offered in medicine. Calcium bromide(hydrated), CaBr2·3H20, has actually a meiting point of 80.5℃.


In photography for making dry plates and light-sensitive papers; produce of mineral waters, NH4Br, fire-extinguishing compositions.


made by the action of hydrobromic mountain on calcium oxideand crystallization. The white granular crystals space soluble inwater. Calcium bromide was supplied in making collodion emulsions,particularly for dye-sensitized plates.


Calcium bromide has a number of useful applications.Used in the oil and also gas fields, the compound is atrue working example. At almost every stage of the oiland gas exploit process, calcium bromide has foundextensive usage. Stability, dependability and ease ofuse differentiate calcium bromide in the drilling process.There, the is used in “drilling muds” worldwide.


CaBr2·2H2O has actually a melting suggest of 38°C wherein itdissolves in its own waters of hydration. Its density is2.290 g/cm3. It have the right to be prepared by reaction in solutionwith HBr top top the carbonate:CaCO3 (solid)+HBr (liq)→CaBr2 (liq)+ CO2 (gas)An improved method for producing calcium bromidehas been developed by reaction hydrogen bromide withcalcium hydroxide in the existence of water.

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steel hydroxide stole filings Calcium carbonate Calcium oxide iron (II) BROMIDE Hydrogen bromide government regulation Calcium hydroxide Calcium carbide Calcium

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