Trespassing regulations aside, over there are certain state regulations on dumpster diving in Oregon, yet the regulations are narrow. ORS 459A.080(1) & (2). Dumpster diving have the right to be something various other than plot of recovering recyclable materials. Http:// Oregon state law is aimed in ~ recyclable materials, when there is one authorized agent of the city that would be harmed by the recovery by another. Check out ORS 459A.080(1) & (2).

459A.080 Prohibitions against removing or mixing recyclable material

A human being may not:

(1) there is no the permission of the owner or generator of recyclable material, take it recyclable material collection out to be built up by a human being authorized through a city or county to provide collection business for that recyclable material.

(2) Remove any recyclable material from a container, box, repertoire vehicle, depot or other receptacle because that the accumulation or storage of recyclable product without permission that the owner that the receptacle.

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