In 2nd grade science, college student investigate ways that issue can adjust and whether these changes are reversible. In this post, I’ll show you a fun transforming matter experiment you can conveniently do at college by making ice cream cream in a bag! It’s a very delicious demonstration of just how temperature can change matter from a fluid to a solid that students deserve to eat once they finish!


Changing matter Experiment for second Grade

Did you know that ice cream cream is a solid, a liquid, and also a gas every at once? It’s true. Ice cream cream is a combination of solid ice crystals, fluid milk fat, and also air bubbles. Making ice cream is a fun and easy means for students come investigate just how matter is readjusted by heating and cooling. Together they do their ice cream cream, students also gain suffer in delivering out investigations, make observations, and also collecting and evaluating data.

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To get started friend will require a few inexpensive item that space readily accessible at any grocery store. Ns even uncovered a fifty percent gallon size jug of half-and-half.

Changing matter experiment 

Materials per student:

1 cup half-and-half per student2 Tbs. Sugar1/2 tsp. Vanilla extract3 cups ice1/3 cup absent salt or kosher saltsandwich size zipper bag1 gallon size zipper bag every 2 studentsplastic spoonsstudent laboratory sheet

Multiply the cooking recipes by the variety of students you have. Ns recommend make a big batch the this cooking recipes in a pitcher ahead of time.

1. Mix the half-and-half, sugar, and vanilla extract with each other in a pitcher.

2. Pour around a cup of the mixture in every student’s sandwich bag.

3. Fill a gallon dimension Ziploc bag about half full that ice. Include 1/3 cup that salt.

4. Place 2 sealed, sandwich bags with the mixture in each huge bag. Seal the bag firmly.

Changing issue experiment 

5. College student take turns shaking the bag intensely for about 7-10 minutes, pausing to record alters they watch on your lab sheet.


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Analyzing the an altering Matter

Have students describe the state of your mixture at the start. Next, castle record changes they it was observed after cooling and shaking the mixture for 1 minute, 5 minutes, and also 10 minutes. After ~ the investigation, have students compare your data with various other students to identify an typical time that takes to frozen the mixture. Have students comment on whether they think the lot of shiver is a factor.

As students space completing your lab sheets, encourage lock to describe the properties of their ice cream consisting of color, form (the mixture takes the shape of its container if liquid), and texture.

I recommend making an extra bag of ice cream to demonstrate reversing the change. This can be done by place the ice cream cream bag in a sunny home window or leaving it out on a counter to melt.

Changing matter experiment 

The science Behind ice cream Cream

Adding salt to ice lowers its melt point. The ice cream absorbs warm from its surroundings (the bag of ice cream cream mixture) which enables the ice cream mixture to freeze. Due to the fact that the mixture isn’t water it needs to it is in a small below 32 degrees to freeze. Adding salt permits the temperature around the mixture to acquire colder.

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Find more states & properties of matter science resources: nature of matter unit for 2nd grade .


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I expect you will shot this transforming matter experiment and also give her students manual experience in demonstrating a reversible change. Be certain to pen this write-up for later so you have it once you plan!